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The Aromatic 89 brand of luxury scented products and niche aromas aims to captivate and enchant every person who encounters their exquisite fragrances.

To outperform their rivals, they created a Lithuania eCommerce website that facilitates a flawless online buying experience for its clients.

Lithuania eCommerce website

Story of Arnoldas Bružas

Creating aromatic and cozy gifts for loved ones sparked the idea that led to a successful business venture for Arnoldas Bružas.

The founder left his job in search of happiness and envisioned the type of company he would like to work for, which eventually became Aromatic 89.

Lithuania eCommerce website


Despite initial struggles, A. Bružas persisted in making candles and believing in his vision for the company.

The hard work paid off when the company employed its first staff member in 2018.

Lessons learned from the challenges faced by the founder helped shape Aromatic 89 into the successful company it is today.

Now,  customers want to save time and effort by shopping online. Thus, an e-commerce website was a must to take business to the next level.

So, Aromatic 89 built their Lithuania eCommerce website for a seamless online customer experience.

E-commerce in Lithuania

According to Statista The largest e-commerce market in the Baltics, Lithuania is projected to expand by almost 58%(2023-2027).

The increase in online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the market development.

Approximately two-thirds of Lithuanian internet users shopped online in 2022, which was slightly below the European Union average.

The age group most actively engaged in online shopping is 25 to 34-year-olds.

popular purchases in Lithuania including clothing, accessories, Footwear, cosmetics, and medicines.

Additionally, Domestic e-commerce dominates the Lithuanian market, accounting for approximately 80% of the total.

Why Aromatic 89 Chose Bagisto?

Aromatic 89 Wanted to make an Online eCommerce website so they chose Bagisto to enhance their online presence.

Bagisto helped Aromatic 89 to build their online presence by providing them with an easy-to-use and customizable e-commerce platform.

Aromatic 89 was looking for a platform that was flexible enough to accommodate their specific business needs and requirements. Bagisto offered them just that.

Due to Tailwind CSS’s smooth integration, our updated design is not only wonderfully beautiful but also visually striking.

The following are the reasons why Aromatic 89 chose Bagisto:

Interactive Home page

Bagisto provides an interactive homepage, with many categories and sub-categories ensuring that our customers feel engaged right from the start.

Lithuania eCommerce website

Our team customized website design, layout, and features according to Aromatic 89 brand identity and target audience.

There are multiple filters that Bagisto added, now admin can apply multiple filters at once with Bagisto 2.0 thanks to a new functionality.

Furthermore, Tailwind CSS integration improves our user interface’s versatility and adaptability, making it more dynamic and user-friendly.

Seamless Checkout Process

Customers can now easily and conveniently finish their purchases thanks to Bagisto’s shortened checkout procedure, which lowers cart abandonment rates.

The admin can now create a shipment in Bagisto 2.0 without having to go through additional selections.

Without loading the page where the admin can create a shipment, the admin will receive a slider container for creating shipping options on the same page.

Moreover, the smooth integration of payment extensions guarantees that payment procedures are simple and trouble-free for customers as well as companies.

Catalog Management

Bagisto’s catalog management tools made it easy for Aromatic 89 to display and organize its wide range of products.

Lithuania eCommerce website

They could easily add new products, update the description, and manage stock levels.

With Bagsito 2.0, the administrator can download and view their sales, customer, and product reports in graphical representations.

Multiple Extension Support

To enhance your website’s performance and features in addition to the built-in features, Bagisto extensions offer additional features that enhance the interactivity of your website.

RTL Multilingual Compatibility

Bagisto supports RTL (Right-to-Left) languages, including Arabic.

With the platform’s localization options and RTL language-optimized layouts, businesses can reach a wider audience and increase accessibility.

Additional Features

By offering more features and functionalities of open-source eCommerce solutions, Bagisto development services contributed to the improvement of their online visibility.

Additionally, the platform has SEO-friendly tools that can improve the website’s position in search engine rankings.

Octane Support

Enhancing Bagisto eCommerce with Octane improves performance, accessibility, developer productivity, and SEO.

Octane principles ensure a better user experience and future-proofs your online store.


Aromatic 89 is a Lithuania eCommerce website that provides furniture, home accessories, commercials, tools, and many other products.

Overall, by leveraging Bagisto, Aromatic 89 enhanced its online presence, improved customer experience, and drove sales and revenue growth.

Thank you for reading this case study, if you wish to develop a similar eCommerce Website, contact our development team for more Bagisto services.

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