Bagisto 2.0 Introduces Exciting New Features

Updated 27 December 2023

We are excited to announce the much-anticipated release of Bagisto version 2.0. In this latest iteration, we have poured our efforts into enhancing the user interface and updating styling and framework.

Improving development tools, refactoring and cleaning up our code, simplifying dependencies, and giving a complete facelift to both the admin and shop sections.

We transitioned from Laravel Mix to Vite in Bagisto 2.0 to enhance performance, embrace modern JavaScript, and provide support for Vue.js.

Migrating from Vue 2 to Vue 3 in Bagisto 2.0 improves performance, developer experience, and long-term sustainability for e-commerce applications.

Bagisto 2.0 has integrated Laravel Octane to significantly enhance performance, scalability, and resource efficiency for e-commerce applications.

Bagisto 2.0 introduces Full Page Cache support to deliver lightning-fast page loading, improved SEO, scalability, and reduced server load for enhanced e-commerce performance.

Let’s dive into the key highlights of the Bagisto 2.0 release:


Mega Search

We have introduced an enhanced mega search feature for admin, enabling them to effortlessly search for products, orders, categories, and customers.

Dashboard Report

Now, the admin has convenient access to view the dashboard, which displays up-to-date information regarding today’s sales, orders, and customer information.

Multiple Filter Feature in Data Grid

In Bagisto 2.0, we have introduced a new feature that allows the admin to apply multiple filters simultaneously.

Mass Action on Product Variant

Here, the admin has the option to effortlessly choose either all or specific product variants. They can then proceed to modify prices, manage inventory, include new images, delete existing images, and remove selected variants.

The admin has the capability to apply mass actions when creating product variations for configurable products.

Manage Stock

Now, the admin has the capability to manually control the stock of products. If they choose to disable manual stock manage, the product will consistently appear as available in stock.

Interactive Reports

In Bagsito 2.0, the admin has the capability to visualize their sales, customer and product reports through graphical representations and they can download the same.

Sales Report

Customer Report

Product Report

Code Architecture

Developer Friendly

Bagisto 2.0 is designed to make e-commerce development easier for developers. It includes a Vite configuration file for faster project setup, custom data grids for improved data visualization, and refined data filtering options.

A powerful Mega Search feature for the admin panel, and better code organization to enhance readability and code recoverability. These changes simplify development and maintenance, ensuring a smoother and more efficient e-commerce development experience.

Hot Reloading Vite

Bagisto 2.0 E-commerce now includes Hot Reloading with Vite, a feature that enhances the development process. This feature enables real-time code changes, making development faster and more straightforward, while also improving collaboration.

With Hot Reloading in Bagisto 2.0, developers can instantly see updates as they code, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Code & Folder Structure

A well-organized code base folder is essential for efficient software development. It improves productivity, reduces confusion among team members, aids in onboarding new developers, and simplifies maintenance and debugging.

In Bagisto 2.0, this organized approach ensures a smoother development experience.

Revamped UI and UX


Now we introduce a fresh look and feel to our admin dashboard. Our revamped design is not just eye-catching but also incredibly stylish, thanks to the seamless integration of Tailwind CSS.

This integration has brought about a significant transformation, creating a more utility-focused and responsive design system.

But that’s not all! We have also supercharged our UI rendering with the inclusion of Blade Components. This addition enhances the flexibility and functionality of our user interface, making it more dynamic and user-friendly.

The combination of Tailwind CSS and Blade Components ensures that our admin dashboard not only looks fantastic but also performs exceptionally well.


Enhanced Order Section UI

We have revamped the order section’s user interface, reducing dependencies significantly. Our goal was to present all crucial order-related information within a compact space.

Eliminating the need for an admin to navigate through additional pages or containers. This enhancement not only saves valuable admin time but also enhances the overall user experience.

Order Filter With New Slider Container

Now you can experience a streamlined order filter with our new slider container format. The admin no longer has to navigate through multiple options; instead, they can easily apply multiple filters on a single page.

This not only saves valuable time but also enhances the overall user experience by making it smoother.

Invoice Creation

In Bagisto 2.0, the admin no longer has to navigate through multiple options to generate invoices. Instead, they will find a convenient slider container right on the same page.

This allows the admin to effortlessly create invoices without the need to reload the page.

Shipment Creation

Now the admin does not need to navigate more options to create a shipment in Bagisto 2.0. The admin will get a slider container for creating shipment options on the same page without loading the page where the admin can create a shipment.

Refund Creation

In Bagisto 2.0, the admin process for initiating a refund has been streamlined. The admin no longer has to navigate through multiple options.

Instead, they will have access to a convenient slider container right on the same page. This slider container allows the admin to easily configure and initiate refunds without the need to load additional pages.


Create New Product

Now the admin will have access to a product creation option within the container.

Product Creation Page Data Grid

Now, the admin no longer needs to navigate through multiple pages to create products; they can simply input all the essential data on a single page to create their products.

General Infomation
The admin needs to enter their general information such as SKU, product number, name, URL key and tax category.

Here the admin needs to enter their product description.

Meta Description
Here the admin needs to enter meta title, meta keywords, and meta description.

Image and Video
Here the admin can add images and video of the products.

The admin can add variations of products from here.

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Products
The admin can add up-sell and cross-sell products.

Customer Creation

Customer Creation Container

The admin now has the convenience of creating customer profiles effortlessly through the creation of new customer containers. All that is required is to complete all the necessary fields and save the customer information.

Review Open in Slider

The admin no longer has to navigate to a new page to manage customer reviews. They can simply click on the review, and an editable review form will appear on the right-hand side slider.


Manage Locale in Container

Currently, the admin has the ability to generate a new locale directly from the same page. By clicking on the “Create Locale” option, the system will display the locale creation container on the same page.

Manage Currency in Container

The admin can now easily oversee its currency within the container without the need to navigate through multiple pages.

User and Role Separated

Now we have separated the option to create users and roles in Bagisto 2.0.

Create a User in the Container

Now the admin can easily create a user in the container form.

Create Role UI Enhanced

We have enhanced the user interface for role creation and access control assignment.

Manage Theme

We have now enhanced the appearance and user interface of our theme, granting full administrative control over theme management. With this newfound control, users can effortlessly customize any section of their store by adding images, text, and links.

Create Theme

The admin now has the capability to create the theme within the container.

Image Carousel

The admin has the capability to efficiently oversee their slider image carousel, allowing them to both remove the existing carousel and create a new image carousel with ease.

Manage Footer Links

The admin now has the ability to personalize their footer links by editing, deleting, or adding new links.


Static Content Management

Write HTML

Here the admin can easily write their HTML code.

Write CSS

In this section, the admin has the ability to incorporate their own CSS for customizing the appearance of their webpage.


After creating the HTML and CSS code, the admin can conveniently preview the result.

Configuration in Single Page

We have revamped our configuration page with the latest user interface, streamlining the admin’s experience.

They can now efficiently manage the configuration of the Bagisto eCommerce store all from a single page, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple pages.

Dark Mode

In the latest Bagisto 2.0 release, users can now enjoy a new Dark Mode theme. This feature offers a sleek and modern appearance while reducing eye strain during extended screen time.

Backed Optimization

Database Enhancements

Bagisto 2.0, the latest version of the e-commerce platform, has made significant improvements in database queries. Instead of multiple queries, it now focuses on using a single query, resulting in faster and more efficient performance.

This optimization benefits your online store by making it faster, reducing server load, and improving scalability.

Bagisto 2.0 is designed to work well with MySQL, a widely used database system, making it compatible with various hosting environments.

Before Database Enhancements

In the image below, you can observe that the page’s loading time is approximately 855 milliseconds, which is influenced by the high number of queries being handled.

After Database Enhancements

After enhancing the database, as depicted in the image below, the page now loads in about 249 milliseconds.


Full Page Cache Feature Implemented

Full-Page Cache is like a turbocharger for your online store. It’s a sophisticated technology that allows us to store entire web pages in a high-speed cache.

When your customer visits the website, instead of generating each page from scratch, we can instantly serve you a pre-built, fully rendered version of the page. This means faster load times, smoother navigation, and an overall snappier shopping experience.

Bagisto 2.0’s Full-Page Cache is a game-changer for your online shopping experience. We have invested in this technology to make your shopping faster, more enjoyable, and more reliable.

Before Full Page Cache Feature

As you can see in the below image before implementing the full-page cache feature page load speed is around 172 milliseconds.

After Full Page Cache Feature

After implementing the Full Page Cache feature, you can see in the below image the page load time has decreased.

Octane Support

Implementing Octane principles in Bagisto 2.0 eCommerce enhances performance, accessibility, developer productivity, and SEO, ensuring a superior user experience and future-proofing your online store.

Before Octane

As you can see in the below image the loading page is 118 milliseconds.

After the Implementation of Octane

In the below image, you can see the page load time decreased by around 87 milliseconds.

Frontend Optimization

Bagisto 2.0 Frontend

We are excited to announce a significant update to the appearance and usability of our Bagisto 2.0 eCommerce storefront.

Our dedication to providing an outstanding online shopping experience has led us to invest in these improvements, ensuring that both customers and store owners enjoy a more visually appealing and user-friendly platform.

With the new look and feel of Bagisto 2.0, customers will find a seamless shopping experience that engages them from the moment they arrive at the site.

The modern design not only enhances the overall impression but also simplifies navigation, making it easier for visitors to find products and make purchases.

Lazy Loading

Bagisto 2.0’s Lazy Loading improves website speed and user experience by loading content like images and scripts only when users need them, reducing initial page load times.

WebP Implementation

Bagisto 2.0’s integration of WebP images enhances eCommerce store performance by reducing image file sizes, speeding up page loads, and ensuring compatibility with modern browsers, leading to improved user experiences and potentially lower hosting costs.

Tailwind CSS Implementation

Bagisto 2.0’s integration of Tailwind CSS simplifies website styling, improves performance, and encourages efficient development, benefiting e-commerce businesses with an easier, faster, and more adaptable platform.


Overall Performance

Bagisto 2.0, the latest version of our e-commerce platform, brings significant enhancements to improve overall performance and user experience.

The above enhancements collectively contribute to a faster, more reliable, and user-friendly shopping experience for both customers and store owners using Bagisto 2.0. We are committed to delivering outstanding online shopping experiences and staying at the forefront of e-commerce technology.

You can also go through the videos from the live launch event of Bagisto 2.0 where we have covered important aspects of the new version

Remark At End

Bagisto, a widely used e-commerce platform, has recently launched version 2.0. This update emphasizes improvements in user experience, styling, and framework.

Bagisto also offers various extensions like Bagisto Multivendor Marketplace, Bagisto NFT Marketplace, and other Bagisto extensions.

Which expands the platform’s capabilities to cater to diverse e-commerce needs. The release of version 2.0 promises a more efficient and feature-rich e-commerce experience for the Bagisto community.


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