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Ipec Express is a company in the UK that provides express courier services.

They offer a range of solutions for businesses and individuals, including parcel delivery, freight forwarding, and logistics management.


Their primary goal is to ensure fast, reliable, and efficient transportation of goods across various destinations.

IPEC Express promises quality and good service and guarantees that your products will be delivered on time, with no delays.

They provide shipping services which include airline, sea, and land shipping, from door to door and anywhere in the world.

Bagisto Development Services helped Ipec Express enhance its online store and attract more customers.

Online Courier Service Industry in the UK

Courier services in the UK have evolved to offer more than speedy delivery.

According to Meteor Space, the UK delivery and courier industry generated 14 billion GBP in revenue in 2020/2021.

They provide a range of functions that make them important for businesses, especially those that rely on international shipping.

Unlike postal services, courier services offer specialist next-day delivery, more specific time slots, and even same-day delivery for time-critical situations.

They also have fewer weight and size restrictions, making it easier to ship goods.

One of the key advantages of courier services is their real-time tracking capabilities.

In summary, the online courier service industry in the UK offers a range of benefits for businesses, especially those involved in international shipping.

Challenges Faced by Ipec Express

Ipec Express was facing an issue with managing orders, tracking, and customer communication.

The existing e-commerce platform lacked scalability, slowing Ipec Express’s ability to adjust to growing business demands and adapt to the changing market.

Customers experienced difficulties in navigating the website, placing orders, and tracking shipments, resulting in a bad experience and loss of business.

Modern and Flexible Architecture

Bagisto offered a modern and customizable e-commerce platform that allowed Ipec Express to adapt to evolving businesses and markets.


Its flexible architecture enabled easy customization and integration with tools and services.

Enhanced User Experience

Bagisto’s interface and user-friendly design improved the online shopping experience for Ipec Express’s customers.


With a smooth checkout process, shipment tracking, and product recommendations, Bagisto ensured smooth and hassle-free browsing.

Scalability and Performance

Bagisto’s scalability helped Ipec Express to handle increased website traffic, handle a growing product catalog, and expand its customer base.

The platform provided smooth operations even during peak seasons and high-demand periods.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Bagisto’s analytics tools provided Ipec Express with valuable data on its business performance, customer behavior, and market trends.

By analyzing data, Ipec Express makes informed decisions and identifies opportunities for growth and improvement.

Mobile Responsiveness

Bagisto’s mobile app’s responsive design ensured that Ipec Express’s online store was accessible and user-friendly across various devices and screen sizes.



This enabled customers to conveniently browse, shop, and track their shipments on smartphones and tablets.

Flexible Product Management

Bagisto’s product management ability allowed Ipec Express to easily add, edit, and organize its product catalog.


Ipec Express could showcase its services with features such as customizable product attributes and pricing options, enhancing product visibility and sales thus increasing it’s efficiency.

Multi-Lingual Support

Bagisto’s multi-lingual feature helped Ipec Express to reach a diverse customer base by offering the online store in multiple languages.


With this ability, Ipec Express could provide a personalized and inclusive experience to customers from different regions and linguistic backgrounds.


Multi-Currency Support

Bagisto’s multi-currency support allowed Ipec Express to function in multiple currencies, attracting international customers and global transactions.


By displaying prices in the customer’s preferred currency, Ipec Express eliminated currency conversion challenges and provided accurate pricing.



Bagisto proved to be a solution for Ipec Express, helping the company to overcome its challenges, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve growth.

With Bagisto, Ipec Express successfully upgraded its online store and distinguished itself in the competitive courier services industry.

With Bagisto Extensions as its technology mate, Ipec Express continues to deliver fast, reliable, and efficient transportation services.

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