Best practices to Maintain the SEO after migration from CS-Cart to Bagisto

Updated 28 December 2022

In today’s digital world, every small to large business requires good SEO practices to sustain itself in the rapidly growing and highly competitive market. Therefore it has been a very big challenge to Maintain the SEO of a website.

Google has some best practices for eCommerce websites to provide accurate information to the search engine about the products. That helps the product appear in the search result.

Migrating from one eCommerce platform to another eCommerce platform needs a lot of attention when it comes to maintaining the SEO of your website. In some or other ways, all eCommerce platforms differ from each other.

So, one should take care of the following practices to maintain the search engine presence of his website-

Product URL Structure-

The website contains a lot of content that Google crawls and indexes when searching for a keyword. So it is essential to have a structured URL. Especially when it comes to product search in Google or other search engines.

The search engine sometimes needs surety for the accuracy of product information such as product name, prices, stocks, etc. So it is very much required to have a good URL structure for a product page.

While you are migrating from one platform to other, this is the most important practice you should follow.

Make sure the URL structure of your product pages and other important pages (Contact, About, etc.) should be the same as before to maintain your SEO level.

In some rarest cases, the eCommerce platform could change the product URL Structure. 

In CS-Cart, automatically generates canonical URLs that are most likely to be understood by the search engines. 

Quality Content Structure-

The content structure matters a lot in gaining a good SEO rank. As SEO and content are complementary to each other, one should never compromise on the quality of the content.

The accessibility of the HTML structure is also an essential factor to consider while gaining a good rank in Google. 

The HTML structure of your CS-Cart may differ from other eCommerce platforms. We should try to keep the same content structure as it is on the CS-Cart on another eCommerce website. 

Handling SEO in CS-Cart is very easy with the help of the SEO add-on that is already available for free of cost with the CS-Cart software package. 

The add-on helps to control the URL structure of your web pages by creating SEO rules. 

One can create different SEO rules for the web pages to make them more search engine friendly and human-readable. 

In Bagisto we have an SEO management extension to maintain and increase SEO or an eCommerce website.

Page properties-

For managing the SEO of a page, the CS-Cart provides a good way to define and manage the page properties such as parent page, name, description, page title, meta keywords, meta description, status, end availability, etc. 

The products and categories pages must always have an accurate page title, meta keywords, and meta descriptions. These are the vital factors that help search engines to search the products and categories. 

CS-Cart manages these fields very nicely. So if you are thinking of migrating the website from CS-Cart to Bagisto make sure you have migrated the same data in the exact format and mapped it with the right field for each product-

Domain change-

If you are migrating from one eCommerce platform to another, try to keep the domain name the same as before. If the domain name changes, it will drop your SEO ranking down.

In unfortunate cases, if you have to change the name of your domain make sure you have set up the 301 redirects for all the required web pages.

As 301 should apply to the pages that are permanently moved, so avoid using it on the disabled web pages.

The 301 redirects are maintained very properly in CS-Cart. It could be a challenging task if you want to set the permanently moved URL to the new URL.

The 301 redirects only work if an object is permanently deleted. The admin can change its SEO name to make it work.

So if the domain of your website is also changing after migration, you should use 301 redirects to maintain the SEO of your existing URLs.

Migrate the SEO URLs properly-

An SEO-friendly URL should be rich in keywords and it should not be wider. And if you have SEO-friendly URLs on your existing website, you should migrate these URLs properly.

Maintain the URL structure in such a way that it should less affect the SEO ranking in search engines.

Almost every eCommerce platform provides an SEO URL migration feature including CS-Cart and Bagisto. SEO URL migration helps to maintain the SEO of a website.


So one should always follow the best practices mentioned above while migrating their eCommerce website from CS-Cart to Bagisto or any other platform to maintain the current SEO ranking of the website.

In case you need any assistance in the migration of a highly ranked CS-Cart eCommerce website to Bagisto or any other platform, we would be happy to assist you. You can reach us at our Bagisto helpdesk System if you have any other queries.


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