What’s New in Bagisto v1.3.2?

Updated 13 August 2021

Hello, world, today we are releasing Bagisto 1.3.2, and now I am introducing you to what’s new in Bagisto v1.3.2.

Bagisto Open Source 1.3.2 introduces support for PHP 8, Laravel 8, and Datagrid Improvement & Multiple Datagrids Ability.

Substantial security changes include the Google captcha integration for login.

Also, I want to thank all our Laravel CommunityDevelopers, beginners, and our respective customers for their support and love for Bagisto.

Undoubtedly continuous improvement is necessary for processes to remove inefficiencies and getting good results.

Here Are The Wonderful Feature That We Are Introducing In Bagisto v1.3.2

At this time the latest feature is security, and performance enhancements.

Merchants are encouraged to upgrade to efficiently manage and secure their online stores for the continuous increment in eCommerce traffic in these uncertain times.

Now we will see a detailed explanation of all features of  “What’s new in Bagisto v1.3.2”. How merchants can easily configure those features to their stores.

What’s New in Bagisto v1.3.2?

Google Captcha Integration

Google Captcha helps protect your eCommerce store from spam and password decryption by asking your customer/visitors to complete a simple test.

Especially this proves that they are human and not a computer that is trying to break into a password-protected account.

Moreover, the customer will find the Google Captcha at below three screens:

Customer Login Page 


Screen 2: Customer  Sign up Page 


Screen 3: Forgot Password Page 


Also, the merchant can go to Configure>>Customer>>Captcha to successfully use Captcha Integration for your store.

Immediately here you need to enter the Site Key and Secret Key to successfully use this feature.


Also to get these keys, firstly you need to register your website with Google reCAPTCHA.


After that, click on the v3 Admin Console to go further.


At this time you will find the below page, where you have to register your new site.

Also, here you need to enter the site Label and select the reCAPTCHA type as shown in the below image.


Then click on accept the reCaptcha terms of service. Also select send alerts to owners.


After that, finally, you got both Site Key and Secret Key for your website.


Multi-Locale Admin Panel

Multi-locale admin panel feature added in Bagisto v1.3.2.

This feature allows the merchant to add multiple locales for the dedicated admin panel.


Also, here admin can choose a locale for the admin panel based on their preferences (those are already added in Bagisto default locale section).

As well as to add multiple locales in Bagisto check out the below link:



Laravel 8

Updated Laravel Version From 7 To 8 Now

Laravel version 8 requires PHP version 7.3+ or above so you need to install this version or the latest version of PHP installed on your system.

Also, please check the below links for more details :



PHP 8 support

Now bagisto support 7.3 to 8 PHP version

Also, please check the below link for more detail :


Configurable Product Default Variant Option Added

Into the configurable product now a merchant can set the default variant for their customers on a product page.

After that, the customer can easily add the default product to the cart or can choose the variant as well.


Now the merchant can select the default variant of a configurable product from the dedicated admin panel as shown in the below image.



Automatically Invoice Creation (For COD & Money Transfer) 

In this release now merchants can easily manage the Invoice for both COD & Money Transfer Payment Methods based on their business requirements.


To successfully use this feature you need to enable the toggle button to automatically generate an invoice after placing the order as shown in the above image.

Also, the merchant can set the invoice status such as Paid or Pending Payment.

Similarly, you can set the order status after creating the invoice such as Pending, Pending Payment, and Processing.


Once the payment is done the merchant can add the transaction for the COD & Money Transfer Payment Method as shown in the above image.

Similarly, merchants can manage automatic invoices created through the Money Transfer Payment Method as shown in the below image.


Most importantly now merchants can see both invoice and order or each customer’s separately into their admin panel.


Individual Customer Orders 


And for sure this will not only help the merchant to analyze their loyal customers but also it will help them to make offers/discount for those.

Google Core Web Vital

Your website core web vital score is based on 3 factors as Larger Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift.


Also for more details check the respective blog : https://bagisto.com/en/how-to-optimize-core-web-vitals-for-bagisto/

Tax Inclusive Pricing

This feature is one of the most wonderful and awaited features of Bagisto 1.3.2.

With the help of this feature now merchants can show the price to their customers inclusive of all taxes.

This will not only helps the customer to see the all-inclusive pricing but also helps the merchant to create trust with their prospects.


To successfully use the feature merchant can go to Settings>>Taxes>>Catalog>>Enable Pricing


Add Custom Invoice Prefix/Suffix Generator 

The feature will allow merchants to add the custom prefix/suffix to the invoice of the order.


After that, the result will be reflected as shown in the below image.



Add Image Option Added in Product Review

For the store’s merchant, customer review is something that is very crucial for grabbing new consumer’s attention and increasing sales.

Finally, now the store’s customers can add the image of the product while they are giving their valuable feedback/review to the product.


Also, the customer can easily do that from the storefront.


Multiple Datagrid on a Single Page

Current Improvements

Also, for more have a look here: https://github.com/bagisto/bagisto/pull/4796

Configurable Multi-image Option Added in Parent Product

Last but not least now the merchant can add multiple images in configurable parent product as shown in the below image :

 bagisto-laravel-ecommerce-configurable multi-image-option- added-in -parent product

Thanks for reading the article about “What’s new in Bagisto v1.3.2”.

Also, if still you have any issues also feel free to add a ticket at https://bagisto.uvdesk.com/en/

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