What Technologies Are Needed To Build An E-Commerce Website?

Updated 31 August 2021

In the last many years, eCommerce technologies have changed the bar of how people buy and sell online. The Internet offers a quick and easy way for people to buy things without visiting real out stores.

The online store can reach out to customers anywhere and everywhere in the world. Online businesses are speedily working on the development of an eCommerce website to face times of economic adversity by providing great discounts, flat-rate delivery, a loyalty program with great incentives 

Almost all the eCommerce platforms making it easy to run promotions and to keep your customers happy with your services. 

Finally, although the thunder in online sales has also created a potential path for fraud and scams, site-builders have managed this by staying ahead by offering top-notch site protection and payment security to keep the online marketplace safe.

There is a vast number of eCommerce tools and technologies required to build an eCommerce store and operate a successful online business. Both software and hardware technologies should be include in your eCommerce business module.


Web Server

A web server is used as a hosting module for an e-commerce website. 

All the Html, PHP files, JavaScript, databases, media files that we used in making the entire website are store on this server. 

The webserver runs on Linux and window operating systems.

Server Software

When a user visits any website on a browser, the web server knows the client is requesting some specific information. So it processes up with that request and serves the correct files to the client. 

There are many types of server software available including application software, file server software, cloud computing, and database server software. The popular web server software is Apache and Windows IIS. 

Web Tools

A web tool is basically used in creating the front end of an eCommerce website. 

They range from basic HTML text to more complex graphic-based authoring tools and CMS (content management system) with inbuilt frameworks.

Domain names 

This is linking to a company or a brand. Successful e-commerce companies should have identifiable domain names.

The domain name would help you rank highly in search engines. If you want your businesses to be successful online, it is really important to protect the brand by doing multiple registrations of your domain names such as .com, .net,.org, .co

With this, you ensure that no one can steal your business by copying your business model.


Here is a quick capsule that will help you to put everything into place.

1: Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

2: Server Side Scripting: PHP, ASP

3: CMS: Bagisto, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop

4: Database: MySQL


There are many eCommerce tools and technologies. It’s always good to know more about what resources are required to build an eCommerce store from scratch.

If you want to know more about digital commerce or to have a top-notch digital e-commerce service in your business then Contact us at: https://bagisto.com/en/contacts/

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