The Future of Laravel Development in 2022 & Coming Years

Updated 27 February 2023

Today we are going to discuss the wonderful topic “The future of Laravel Development in 2022 & the Coming Years”.

We are the spectators of the rapid boom in the field of digitization and internet usage.

Every organization is now shifting to the web platform to increase its presence in the digital space and reach its maximum target audience.

But, along with the huge positive advancement in the IT field, the cases of cyber-attacks are also increasing and therefore, Cybersecurity is now the topmost topic of concern in the digital world. 

According to studies, businesses are going to spend more than $170 billion in 2022.

Also, statistics say that every 39 seconds, devices that have internet connections are attacked by hackers, and in most cases, they select MSME (Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises) causing 64% of the total. 

There are plenty of PHP platforms available in the market that are handling the security aspects of an application or software.

Laravel is one of the popular platforms in this segment and businesses are looking to hire Laravel developers who prefer to opt for this in their web and Laravel mobile apps development projects.

The future of Laravel is bright and in this piece of article, we are going to discuss all the aspects of this. Stay with us.

What’s Laravel Security?

Regarding internet security, Laravel is the highly useable PHP platform available in the market.

In any mission-critical development process, there are TWO levels of security that developers should take care of- the first is the application security and the other one is the server security.

Laravel packages help you make your application safer, not the server-side. Also, Laravel known for its capability to remove the vulnerabilities in the codebase

One of the interesting benefits of this platform is that, during any error or issue, the support maintenance can act on it in no time.

Also, the user-friendliness attribute of Laravel boosts the speed of the app development process and also the built-in features give you a better, brisk integration.

Tools for Laravel security issue check

As a developer, it’s veritably important to know the efficiency of your Laravel design.

To understand the performance and find out the flaws, you can use any tools which are there in the market to dissect the output of your project.


Quttera is a free malware scanning tool.

You can use it for checking the security aspects such as modified file discovery, blacklisting analysis, tracking the traffic redirection, introducing customized and scheduled scanning, and numerous others.

Moreover, it uses an AI-based scan engine which is fast and highly reliable.


Detailed dialysis of the data and information of your website is crucial to check for the security capability of your application.

Using this tool, you can find out the exposure to risks and malware of your website.

Also, the introductory scanning process of Siteguarding can help you to fetch that information.

 Wed inspector

This tool can help you to gather different vital data about your website and application. Also, the functioning of this tool depends on your product’s size and complexity.

After the scanning, this tool generated a report, listing all the errors and issues based on which you can easily start rectifying your application.


Asafaweb works on the same principle as a Web inspector.

This is also very user-friendly. Set a scheduled scanning and you are all set to go. Also, this offers a recording option of the total process.

Laravel security features that will strengthen its future

 Laravel has numerous best-in-class features that the developer can use to strengthen security.

With the pre-loaded attributes, this PHP platform makes the interaction and integration process easier and error-free. Some of the major aspects that can drive you to select Laravel for 2022 and beyond are articulated below:

CSRF Protection

 Laravel has a built-in protection feature, known as CSRF (cross-site request forgery). You can observe the token and the pre-set filters which are embedded there in the source code.

Also, CSRF protection firstly scans each and every request that your application receives.

Later, it has the capability to detect whether this request is sent from the original source or any third party. As a smart feature, it will stop the access immediately if it finds that the source is not authentic.

Password Hashing

 Authentication checking is another important attribute of Laravel that is going to be prominent in 2022 and beyond. Laravel is loaded with the native hash instrument which is based on Bcrypt and Argon2.

Laravel has the integrated log-in and registration class which features remembering your registration properties and passwords and allows a genuine authentication process.

Cookies protection

 There is an easy way that Laravel offers to make the cookies protection process strong. All you need to do is to activate an encryption or application key.

This key activation depends on the Laravel versions. Also if you are using version 5 or above, you need to activate the key to the app.php file.

And if the version is level 3 or below, it can be added to application.php.

Secure encryption

As a developer, you must not want any outside agency to change or modify the translated data without permission.

Laravel secure encryption provides this security by using the OpenSSL library that delivers AES-256 and AES-128 encryption. 

What Is The Future Of Laravel In 2022 & Beyond?

Laravel gives the best options to develop amazing and dependable web applications with advanced features and offers faster development.

Some amazing aspects of Laravel reflect that the future of this platform is bright, and its usage will increase in 2022 and beyond. Let’s see some of the major trends that will make it significant in the upcoming years.

Superior safety

While more and more industries are moving to digital and internet-based platforms, ensuring the safety and security of websites and applications is the first and foremost priority. Laravel is one of the best in this aspect. 

Item-based library

Laravel is loaded with a vast array of the library. This library is supported with massive data which is easy to use and serves many purposes to make the development process fast.

Due to the increasing demand and quicker delivery expectations from the clients, this feature is going to make Laravel more attractive in 2022 and further.

High support for start-ups

In the past few years, the startup trend is observing in exponential growth. According to one report of Business Standard, more than 2,250 startups have emerged in the year 2021 which is more than 600 numbers from the figure for 2020.

Therefore, it is predictable that 2022 and the next couple of years will see massive growth in the usage of this web application framework. 

Also, Laravel provides numerous facilities that are suitable for startups. It offers diverse design architecture to create amazing applications.

Scalability, faster response, pre-loaded library, and other features will help the startups to manage an upscale their websites and applications.

Scalability and faster development

Along with all the other features, the TWO most relevant top-notch features of Laravel that make this PHP platform future-ready is its scalability and quick development process.

On one hand, its pre-loaded library and efficient error-handling capability help to develop your product faster. On the other hand, the scalability factor is amazing for any kind of future development of your application and software.

 IoT with Laravel

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest advancement of technology that is going to grab every industry right from home appliances to giant automobile companies.

The development of PHP and Laravel in line with IoT will make this platform essential for the future. 

Final words

When we talk about secured PHP platforms, Laravel is one of the finest options available in the market today.

Looking into the features and developments of this platform, we can say that this is a future-ready platform.

The development of Laravel is also aligned with the latest technological trends which, sure will make it a great choice not only in 2022 but for the next couple of years as well.

So, that was much about the article “The Future of Laravel Development in 2022 & Coming Years”. Also for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System. 

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