How to build a website like Shopify

Software as a Service technology is very popular nowadays. Software is provided to the end-user as a service, instead of installing and maintaining the server, security, updating software, etc. Here we will discuss how to build a website like Shopify.

SaaS Based


How to build a website like Shopify

Nowadays SaaS is in trend, most of the company switching from traditional to SaaS-based. The Saas-based multi-tenant module is eCommerce virtual mall, where multiple-vendor can sign-up then create their own e-commerce store with their domain name.

According to the SaaS industry market report73% of organizations estimate that nearly all of their apps will be SaaS by 2020.

In the next two year, 92% of companies expect SaaS to improve their revenue and IT budget.

Let’s have a look, SaaS-based platform Shopify and their eCommerce business.

Shopify growth

Last reported quarter 2018 Q4 it was 820,000, up by 35% year-over-year from 609,000.

How to create a SaaS-based system?

Planing:-The most important thing to create any business that is planning, without having a strong plan you won’t be executed.

Programming Language:-You can use any technology to built saas based product like Python, Ruby on Rails, laravel, NodeJS, Laravel, etc.

But laravel has strong feature to create saas product which you will not get in another framework like fast development, Lots of ready plugins e.g. data tables, analytics chart or PDF, excel exports and the most important is Laravel Spark.

With the help of Laravel Spark 20-25% work is already done for you for creating SaaS product. Spark takes care of things such as billing, proration, team/user management, etc.

By using this you can easily create SaaS business without worrying about the underlying moving part of the technology.

Quick Cloud Deployment:- Now the next step will be hosting your SaaS website. There are lots of cloud service providers like GCP, Azure, AWS. You can choose anyone as per your requirement.

Why use a SaaS-based eCommerce platform?

These are some basic qualities that signify why to move towards SAAS based eCommerce platforms.

How to create an eCommerce website using the SaaS platform?

You can easily create an eCommerce platform using the SAAS based eCommerce platform you just need to perform the following steps:-

           **(These services are basically time and features based)

Go for Bagisto

A complete SaaS-based E-commerce solution from where anyone can start and grow their online eCommerce business. Bagisto launched their Laravel eCommerce Multi-tenant SaaS Module.

Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant SaaS Module enables you to have your own SaaS-based eCommerce solution and attract business owners to easily create their own eCommerce shop. It’s very reliable as there is no limit to creating online stores and manage them.

Laravel Multi-tenant SaaS

Feature of Laravel eCommerce Multi-tenant SaaS Module

  • Easy to set up and customize

You can easily set up your eCommerce store by using the laravel SaaS module, and you can easily customize your store as per your needs because in SaaS module customization is very easy.

  • Built on world best Open source technology

Bagisto is an open-source platform that is built on laravel.  It provides by default template, there are many more features that make the Bagisto so powerful eCommerce platform.

  • End to End payment integration

In Laravel eCommerce SaaS solution there is by the default payment method that is PayPal, if you want it as an extra payment gateway in your store then you can also customize it.

  • Easy to Scale

It is scalable because there is no limit on the number of product uploading or creating a category. So that is a very helpful big Sellers so they can sell their products without any issue.

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  • Tanya Saluja
    very helpful
    • saurav pathak
      Thanks for your feedback.
  • crewtom
    Building a website like Shopify is a real uphill task as the customization option I themes and templates offered by Shopify are immense, not to mention the functional ease and the really good Shopify pricing plans. Your efforts are appreciable though.
    • saurav pathak

      Well, certainly there would be customisation required. What we have created is a multi-tenant SaaS module by which you can at least set up SaaS eCommerce system which would work like Shopify or BigCommerce. Then it depends on how and what marketing tactics you want to use and more features you want to provide to the customer.

      • milan patel
        hello i want to create website like shopify but some customization
        Are you able to create this type of plateform
        • saurav pathak
          Hello Milan,

          Yes, we can surely help you in creating Shopify like platform. Our Multi-Tenant SaaS Module can easily give you a headstart in this project. Please check here:

  • Nabi Dev
    is bagisto freefor developing my own shopify on laravel ? fully customized in my own logo to permit costumer to build simply there website
    • Simant Verma
      Hello Nabi Dev,
      Yes, Bagiosto is free you can customize it according to the requirements.
  • kimmy kervel
    this is mind blowing thanks for sharing
  • ghena
    This solution is base on unique db instance or is able to use several dbs ?
    • saurav pathak
      Its on Single DB
  • Emanuel

    How can I make availabe some store’s templates so my clients could have more options for costumization.

  • James Kendall
    Thank you for sharing much much valuable information I always go through your blog and many time it helps to solve queries on live projects. being a Shopify developer I really love to keep myself up to date through your blog and I do share with my friends. Keep Sharing!!!

    • Simant Verma
      Thanks for the feedback.
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