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TrooGood India’s Largest online millet snacks store founded by Hyderabad-based Raju Bhupati renowned for offering nutritious and healthy millet chikkis.

Troo Good aligns with the 2023 International Year of Millets, advancing the National Millets Mission with an online chikki store.

This case study explores Troo Good’s website creation, highlighting its development with the Bagisto Platform.

Journey Of TrooGood

The founder has begun his journey by selling millet parathas to provide the same taste and higher nutrition at the cost of a normal wheat-based paratha.

Troo Good revolutionized the market with India’s inaugural millet chikki three years ago, crafted from diverse millet types in three factories.

Venturing into millet-based chapatis and parathas, the company now started millet-packaged snacks on their online millet snacks store.

TrooGood employs a unique production method, integrating various millets and peanuts, achieving economies of scale in procurement, production, distribution, and marketing.

The company is expanding its product line to leverage its established distribution channel with a range of new millet-based products.

Market Scenario Of Online Millet Snacks in India

Millets benefit patients with chronic diseases like cancer and cardiovascular issues, making them a nutritious food source.

As per Transparency Market Research, by the end of 2032, India’s Millet packaged food market is expected to reach 91.1 million USD.

If we look at the other popular online stores, MilletAmma, Kiru, and Fittrbites are the competitors for TrooGood which also deals with the chikkis.

TrooGood excels in millet snacks, selling 100 million products in 3 years, catering to a wide market.

Why TrooGood Choose Bagisto?

TrooGood chose Bagsito functionality like pricing, infrastructure, security, checkout, etc. since Bagisto, an Open Source Laravel eCommerce platform, is instrumental in determining the features and specifications of a website.

These functionalities in TrooGood are simple, straightforward, and customer-centric which facilitate the consumers to navigate through the website easily.

We have Bagisto development services which make modifications as per the unique business requirements of the customers.

The following are the functionalities for which TrooGood chooses Bagisto.

Smooth Cart Addition

From product addition to final payment confirmation, the cart process operates seamlessly, simplifying the purchase journey.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can choose from a variety of options such as Netbanking, Wallets, UPI (Unified Payments Interface), and more.

This allows them to conveniently complete their purchase using their preferred payment method, saving them time and effort.

By offering multiple payment options, we aim to provide a seamless and convenient shopping experience for our customers.

Smooth Checkout process

An essential aspect that enhances the consumer-friendliness of a website is a streamlined and hassle-free checkout process.

A large volume of visitors to the website causes delays and significantly affects the efficiency of the checkout process.

Bagisto provides smooth navigation through the online store which directly impacts the sales and profit of the store.


Bagisto, the dynamic e-commerce solution, was instrumental in shaping the online millet snacks presence of the TrooGood store.

Its robust features and flexibility played a pivotal role in the seamless development of our unique online platform.

Embracing the principles of the open-source community, Bagisto stands as a versatile ally for enterprises, providing a platform for them.

Our partners have graciously added extensions for payment gateways, WhatsApp integration, and blog functionalities, sharing these valuable contributions with the broader open-source community.

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