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Millet Mantra is a healthy foods online store, that is renowned for offering nutritious food for Health and Sustainability.

We will say goodbye to boring meals and embrace the magic of fresh and healthy foods in our lives. Their popular products are Nut Delight and Dark Chocolate.

This case study analyzes the development and implementation of the Millet Mantra website using the Bagisto Platform.

Millet Mantra website overview in Hyderabad

More people do not like small grains (millet)as they don’t taste right. To combat this, Millet Mantra has developed delicious millet products such as Berry Blast, and Almonds.

It specializes in daily breakfast food such as Healthy and light food. Now, healthy food has become one of the most used daily products in our routine lives.

People are growing more with utilising websites at home and shopping online all around the world. People are largely connected through smartphones.

It increases your immunity level and provides healthy foods, protein and nutrients to your body for your Health and Sustainability.

How Bagisto Helps to Millet Mantra?

To establish a strong presence and provide a seamless online experience. Millet Mantra decided to develop a new website.

After many evaluations of various e-commerce websites. Millet Mantra decided to build its website using Bagisto Platform. It is an open e-commerce platform based on Laravel.

How did Millet Mantra start?

Millet Mantra began as a retail product in Hyderabad. After multiple of them sold out in offline stores, now it plans to sell its products on Amazon and Flipkart.

To improve their business skill, Wee Hub took help in that regard. They participated in the “Weehub Incubation” program.

muesli box

Two women in Hyderabad started “Millet Mantra” and offered millet products such as pure jam, strawberry, nuts, dry fruits, honey, almonds, and blueberry.

Mostly people are shifting to nutritious and immunity-boosting food and their popular products are sold in leading malls in all major cities including Hyderabad.

User-Friendly Interface

The Millent Mantra website was developed on Bagisto and offers a visually appealing and intuitive user interface.

It provides different quality products and categories, views product descriptions, and adds items to their shopping cart.

The homepage features a clean design with an attractive banner and sliders showing new products and categories.

Millets offer an exciting culinary journey as they blend seamlessly with various flavours and ingredients.

Product Catalog Management

The product adding, deleting, updating, and categorization interface offered by the platform is adaptable and simple to use.

The vast product catalogue of Millet Mantra may be managed effectively thanks to Bagisto.


For every item, it facilitates the administration of qualities, options, and variants as well. It gives a brief description of the merchandise and proceeds the following actions.

Secure Payment Process

Bagisto ensures a checkout process for customers. To secure consumer data during transactions, it has built-in capabilities including a secure payment gateway.

For example, This website uses only the Razorpay payment method. The client may only utilise one of the various payment options.

SEO friendly Architecture

Bagisto follows SEO best practices, allowing the Millet Mantra website to be easily indexed by search engines.

The features like XML sitemap production, URL optimisation, and customisable meta tags are all offered by the platform.

Moreover, you can extend and add search optimization features using the Laravel E-commerce SEO extension.

It contributes to increasing a website’s visibility in search engine rankings.

Responsive Design

With the help of Bagisto, the Millet Mantra website is easily accessible and user-friendly across various devices and screen sizes.

For the best shopping experience on smartphone devices, Bagisto store owners can look to develop a dedicated Bagisto Laravel mobile app.

There are various options available, the customer can access the website from desktops, mobiles, and laptop devices. It provides an optimal viewing experience.

Open-source and Customizable

Bagisto being an opensource ecommerce platform, is free to use and adaptable. To suit their demands, they can add to and alter the platform’s features.

Thus, offering Millet Mantra the advantage of customizing the website according to their specific requirements and also providing the user interface.


Bagisto is designed to scale with growing businesses. Millet Mantra can easily handle increasing website traffic.

It can expand its product catalog and accommodate future business growth by leveraging the scalability solutions provided by Bagisto.

For instance, Millet Mantra can add new lines according to customer needs and can provide different categories of products.

Community Support

Bagisto has a supportive community of developers and users. Millet Mantra can access help, guidance and updates from the Bagisto forum and community.

Bug fixes, community forums, and modules created by the community can help the business solve problems and keep current with platform updates.

Cost Effective Solution-

With the help of Bagisto development, Millet Mantra can reduce development costs, compared to building a customized e-commerce solution from scratch.

The open-source nature of Bagisto eliminated fees, making it a cost-effective choice for the company.

Additionally, the pre-built modules and themes in the Bagisto save time and development resources.


Millet Mantra successfully implements to build its e-commerce website with the help of utilizing Bagisto features, such as user eco-friendly interface, and catalog management.

With Bagisto scalability, customizability and cost-effectiveness, Millet Mantra has a solid foundation for future growth and innovation in the digital space.

Thanks for reading the Millet Mantra case study, hope you find it useful. If you’d like to build a similar online store, Hire Laravel Developers for your project.

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