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Sunbulah is a famous online food store that deals with the manufacturing of Food and Fine Pastries.

Sunbulah has concentrated on achieving to become the first choice that exceeds all expectations and assumes a leadership and pioneering role.

The company brand’s products are recognizable and have a reputation for excellence not only in KSA but also in other GCC and North African countries.

Online Food Market in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a country renowned for its delicate food and rich cultural legacy, has seen impressive development in the market for food and bakery products in recent years.

As Per Statista, In Saudi Arabia, the industry for online food delivery is expected to generate US$11.74 billion in sales by 2024.

The growth of the food market in Saudi Arabia is because of increasing demand for delivery services and food packaging services.

According to Fortune Business Insights, By 2030, the size of the GCC foodservice market is expected to have increased from $34.33 billion in 2023 to $62.25 billion.

Why Food Sevices need Online Platform?

Online ordering makes it quick and easy for customers to place orders and pay digitally without having to call or visit in person.

You can display full menus with descriptions, photos, and prices online, allowing customers to browse.

Online platforms allow more targeted digital marketing such as promotions sent by email or push notifications to website users therefore drive repeat business.

So, online platforms allow food services businesses to be more discoverable, convenience to customers, and gain valuable operational efficiencies.

How Sunbulah set up an Online Food Store on Bagisto?

Bagisto is an open-source e-commerce platform built on Laravel, that remarkably influences and shapes the features and functionality of websites.

The client was looking to set up a website that would be simple to set up, empower non-technical clients, and speed up the online establishing process.

By providing them with personalized features and functionality, Bagisto development services helped them expand their online presence.

Let’s see the features and functionality of the Bagisto-built store.

Impressive Catalog Management

A well-organized catalog makes it easier to find, browse, and manage product listings.

It enhanced discoverability through robust search and intelligent filtering allowing customers to quickly find relevant products.

In summary, strong catalog management directly impacts product discovery, customer experience, sales growth, and business.

Advanced Filter Option

Filters empower customers to customize product results based on preferences like size, price range, etc.

This feature allows customers to narrow down results to products that match their precise needs.

Filters are an important feature that improves relevancy, experience, and personalization for both customers and businesses.

Customer Registration Option

Customer Registration can track customer activity, purchases, preferences, etc. over time, hence increases revenue.

This option allows to build detailed customer profiles and offer personalized recommendations and deals.

Customer registration provides benefits like better targeting, increased conversions, and revenue, improved customer experience and loyalty.

Final Words

The innovative e-commerce platform Bagisto played a key role in developing the Sunbulah online presence.

Its versatility and strong characteristics were essential to the smooth development of a unique online platform.

We are grateful to our partners for their kind additions of blog functionality, WhatsApp integration, and payment gateway extensions, which they have shared with the open-source community.

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