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The Concept store is a hardware retail located in Sri Lanka that provides fresh, high-quality products as well as necessities when building/furnishing homes.

They have now gone further and extended their online presence by launching their eCommerce website on Bagisto an open-source platform.

Sri Lanka eCommerce website

History of The Concept Store

The Asian Group of Companies, previously known as Asian Hardware, has been a leading name in the hardware industry.

Additionally, it is renowned for its high-quality products and innovative construction solutions.

As the leading distributor of high-quality goods and accessories like glass, wood, and stainless steel, the company sources its items from some of the greatest producers.

The business changed its name to The Concept Store and over time became a one-stop shop for all construction needs.

This new store brings together technical expertise, creativity, and superior products to create a total concept, design, and building solution.

Moreover, it boasts unique and customized finished solutions that aim to provide exceptional designs while meeting clients’ preferences.

Over the years, the company has amassed a client base of more than 130K, including some of the most prestigious brands and organizations across diverse industries.

Some of these clients include Arpico, Damro, NoLimit, Thilakawardhana Textiles, Globe Glass, Fashion Bug, Cool Planet, and Singer.

Hardware & Building Materials – Sri Lanka

According to Statista the hardware and building materials market in Sri Lanka is anticipated to generate a revenue of US$3bn in 2023.

Compared to the global market, which is led by China with a revenue of US$514bn in 2023, Sri Lanka’s per capita revenue for this market is US$131.90 in 2023.

This indicates a growing demand for hardware and building materials due to rapid urbanization and infrastructure development in Sri Lanka.

This trend suggests that there is potential for market growth in Sri Lanka as well.

To get ahead of the competition, companies are using Sri Lanka eCommerce website.

eCommerce in Sri Lanka

According to Statista In 2023, the eCommerce market is expected to generate US$1,798.00 million in revenue.

By 2028, revenue in Sri Lanka is predicted to develop at a compound annual growth rate of 14.75%.

It is anticipated that the average revenue per user (ARPU) will be $533.20 USD.

How has The Concept Store Enhanced its Online Presence?

Many businesses like The Concept Shop are now utilizing the Internet to connect with consumers who are interested in online shopping.

To enhance its online presence and to get ahead of its competition The Concept Shop found its e-commerce solution in Bagisto, an open-source eCommerce platform.

Bagisto development services helped enhance their online presence by providing various features and functionality over the open-source eCommerce solution.

Scalable and Customizable Platform

Firstly, Bagisto provides a scalable and customizable platform that enables the company to design a unique online store.

It allows them to align with its brand image and supports its business objectives.

As the platform is open-source customizations can be done easily on top of it as per requirements. Also, it is scalable as per requirements.

The homepage has a sub-categorisation of the category giving clear insights about the product and its availability.

Additionally, with Bagisto’s new slider container structure, you can now enjoy a streamlined order filter.

The admin can quickly apply many filters on a single page, saving them from having to search through numerous alternatives.

Seo Friendly Features

Secondly, The platform also offers SEO-friendly features, which can help the website rank higher in search engine results. Hence it increases the visibility.

RTL Multilingual Compatibility

Bagisto supports RTL (Right-to-Left) languages, including Arabic.

This multilingual support ensures a seamless user experience for users in the Middle East and North Africa region.

RTL support

The platform provides localization features and optimized layouts for RTL languages, expanding accessibility and allowing businesses to reach a broader customer base.

Catalog Management

Thirdly, Bagisto’s catalog management tools made it easy for The Concept Store to display and organize its wide range of products.

Sri Lanka eCommerce website

Sri Lanka eCommerce website

They could easily add new products, update the description, and manage stock levels.

Multiple Extension Support

To add more features and functionality to your website Bagisto extensions help make your website more interactive with multiple features on top of the out-of-box features.

Payment Integration

Customers may easily purchase things and have them delivered with ease thanks to Bagisto’s integration capabilities with many payment gateways and delivery companies.

The concept store checkout page Sri Lanka eCommerce website

This can reduce friction in the buying process and improve overall customer experience.


The Concept Store is a Sri Lanka eCommerce website that provides furniture, home accessories, commercials, tools, and many other products.

Overall, by leveraging Bagisto, The Concept Store enhanced its online presence, improved customer experience, and drove sales and revenue growth.

Thank you for reading this case study, if you wish to develop a similar eCommerce Website, contact the Bagisto team.

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