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Ruou Ngon is a Vietnamese wine shop founded in 2013 which provides Vietnamese consumers a wide range of international wines.

The name “Ruou Ngon” means “delicious wine” in Vietnamese and they offers a diverse selection of wines from well-known wine-producing countries.

Vietnamese wine shop

Customers can explore wines from the historic vineyards of France, the modern wineries of the United States, and the classic estates of Italy.

They have worked to promote a culture of wine in Vietnam, allowing locals to enjoy and understand wines from around the world.

Bagisto development services helped them to promote their products to the customers through their personalized online sales platform.

The Growing Wine Culture in Vietnam

The wine market and its consumption in Vietnam has been steadily increasing over the past few years as many see it as an item of luxury.

According to Statista, In 2020, approximately 35 million liters of wine were sold in Vietnam, with a total value of around $207 million.

Vietnamese wine shop

Due to Social Media influence there is a growing interest in wine among Vietnamese especially young adults and those with higher incomes.

Imported wines, particularly from France, Chile, and Australia, are preferred over local ones especially red wines of premium quality.

People with growing familiarity and disposable income are fueling the continued expansion of the wine market in Vietnam.

Major Challenges Faced By Ruou Ngon

Ruou Ngon encountered difficulties in broadening their market reach just from their physical wine shop so they decided to go online.

The necessity for a reliable online platform forced them to search for a robust and flexible e-commerce solution.

They were in search of a platform with a user-friendly admin panel and was easy to customize according to their requirements.

So they searched online and finally decided to opt Bagisto e-commerce extension as a solution to their e-commerce challenges.

This study shows the functionalities offered by Bagisto which empowered Ruou Ngon to expand and enhance their business operations.

Store Setup and Customization

Bagisto helped Ruou Ngon to quickly and efficiently set up their online store with its user-friendly interface.

Ruou Ngon was able to customize their website to match their requirements, thanks to the customization options offered by Bagisto.

bagisto storefront

By utilizing Bagisto’s content management system, the store was able to display its products, descriptions and other important details.

Product Catalog Management

Ruou Ngon found great value in Bagisto’s comprehensive catalog management system.

Bagisto’s product attributes and category options made it simple to categorize the wide range of wines available from Ruou Ngon.

bagisto catalog management

With Bagisto’s help, Ruou Ngon successfully expanded their product catalog to meet the evolving market demands.

Responsive Design

Bagisto’s responsive design ensured an optimal shopping experience across various devices.

mockup - Vietnamese wine shop

mockup1 - Vietnamese wine shop

Customers could navigate and make purchases seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile applications, improving accessibility and satisfaction.

Advanced Security and Scalability

Bagisto’s dedication to providing a secure environment ensured Ruou Ngon online security and reliability.

The brand can now use modern artificial intelligence tools for platform management thanks to the platform’s AI Compatibility feature.

security and scalability

Bagisto can also utilize Blockchain eCommerce functionality which allows for secure and decentralized peer-to-peer transactions.

Enhanced SEO Tools

By utilizing Bagisto’s built-in SEO Management features, Ruou Ngon optimized its online store for search engines.

This ultimately led to improved online visibility and higher search engine rankings resulting in increased organic traffic.

Seamless Experience

Bagisto’s platform enhances its caching mechanism and optimizes database queries using the Octane Support feature which gives an improved performance.

The performance optimization results in reduced loading times that provides users with a better shopping experience.

Final Words

Bagisto played a crucial role in Ruou Ngon expansion by offering a dependable platform that fulfilled all their needs.

The services provided by Bagisto boosted their brand reputation with customers and met all the customization they required for their online store.

Thanks to Bagisto features Vietnamese wine shop built a strong reputation and contributed greatly to Ruou Ngon’s e-commerce sales.

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