Social Commerce Influence the E-commerce Market

Updated 21 September 2022

What are social commerce and its impact on E-commerce:-

Social Commerce involves not only buying and selling. It encompasses every stage of the sales process, from market analysis through post-purchase support. That implies that it covers actions like brands engaging with clients on Facebook Messenger.

In the traditional days, the user was just able to check the product on social media but was not able to make all the processes of purchasing the product.

In modern days, customers can look at the product on their social media without leaving their preferred application the user can complete the purchase process on the same platform.

Social commerce has influenced the online market as the user can check their desired product online on their social media account itself and can decide the purchase the product.

This platform has made the purchase easy as it has removed many unnecessary processes and steps which results in a frictionless experience for the customer. It makes more sales for the retailer as well as the store owner.

Features of S-commerce:

Future of Social Commerce:

Social commerce is rapidly changing the way of shopping. It helps in acquiring and retaining the customer which results in the enormous growth of the e-commerce market business.

Furthermore, Social Commerce helps to improve customer interaction and tends to provide website traffic which results in a business advantage. In the future, social commerce demand will be very high as it has made it easier for the customer to make a purchase with just a single click on Buy Button.

We already getting a glimpse of the future and the changes it can make in the e-commerce market. Many of the big brands like Nike, Puma, and many more are showing what they have already achieved through social commerce. 

Nike has already built a Nothing but Gold (NbG) community which has brought together the content related to style, sport, and self-care and enabled it to shop within the app. The brand relies on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other third-party social apps to build its community.

The reason behind the success and need for social commerce is that people follow the suggestion or recommendations of the people whom they trust and get inspired.

They might be family, friends, or communities or can be also social influencers whom they follow on the social platform. This makes them feel informed, inspired, and confident in what they purchase.

Social Commerce tools are embraced for business

Social commerce is a model which can be used for business purposes and nowadays for brands, platforms, and retailers. It is a great opportunity to generate a new revenue stream and develop new types of shopping experiences, and also engage the influencer/creator. 

It is a good tool for small and larger businesses because it directly engages the consumer through social commerce posts which tends to invest more in marketing.

Strategies for brand marketing using social media platforms

Every brand has its own strategies for marketing its products. Nowadays most brands are focusing on a social media marketing approach. They can demonstrate by the fact that an athleisure social shopping experience will differ greatly from an electronics marketing effort.

The brands need to leverage influencers, consumer calls to action, and user-generated content. The value that user-generated content offers to brands has increased in importance for marketers because of TikTok videos and hashtag challenges.

This viewer-friendly material along with the right call-to-action measures has proved beneficial for both marketers and advertisers.

Companies that engage in Social Commerce

The social-commerce demand is increasing day by day as the most giant company has engaged their customer through social media platforms. The point is where the company finds or targets its audience on the social media platform.

Social media companies are attracting and becoming a great medium to promote and increase the revenue of store owners and brands.


This is a huge platform for business to expand their reach globally without much effort. This platform provides the company to connect to their customer and potential customer through messenger, and Facebook posts.

Social commerce will be very helpful when it comes to promoting businesses through social media as they can directly create your storefront on the social platform i.e Facebook or Instagram etc.

The customer gets an option to purchase the product and the seller can even sync their products from the online store to the Facebook platform.


It is the platform where most sellers can build their own storefronts or can upload their own existing product catalogs. To build a shop, the store owners must connect their Facebook business profile to their Instagram business account

However, the store owner can grab the customer’s attention through posts and stories that are connected to their product page. Purchases can be made within the website or the app, just the same as on Facebook.


In addition to the Snapchat feature, they have included brand profiles, which allow the consumer to browse brands. It makes in-app purchases directly through the social media account without going out of that page. It provides a native shopping experience to the customers. 


Social commerce provides an additional option where the user can compare. They even ask their friend about the product and take their feedback by tagging them on the post.

So social media is a great option for the business owner and the brands to promote. Also, easily reach the mass community for their brands and product.

The users get varieties of options where they can look for other suggestions and feedback for that particular product and take decisions accordingly.

Finally, the business owner or anyone who wants to promote their services and business can easily target social commerce because it is getting popular. As most of the big brands are adopting this method of promoting their businesses.

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