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RDMilk Bangladesh Ltd. is a dairy company based in Bangladesh, specializing in the production and distribution of milk and dairy products.

In the heart of the dairy industry, RDMilk emerges as a testament to innovation and growth, specializing in dairy products.

Typically, dairy companies like these focus on sourcing milk from local farms and processing it into various dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter.

They then distribute these products to retailers, eCommerce marketplace vendors, and consumers.


From showcasing its diverse range of dairy products to integrating secure payment gateways, Bagisto provided the versatility RDMilk needed to thrive in the digital realm.

They were looking for an open source project, and choose Bagisto that could allow them to go online with options for development services.

The Online Dairy Commerce Growth in Bangladesh

According to Statista Revenue in the Dairy Products & Eggs market amounts to US$14,720.00m in 2024. The market is expected to grow annually by 9.19% (CAGR 2024-2028).

In the Dairy Products & Eggs market, volume is expected to amount to 6,991.00m kg by 2028. The Dairy Products & Eggs market is expected to show a volume growth of 4.0% in 2025.

What Challenges did RDMilk face?

Initially, RDMilk struggled with limited market reach, confined primarily to their local region. Expanding beyond these boundaries was crucial for sustained growth.

Moreover, managing inventory across multiple locations proved to be a logistical hurdle, lacking real-time tracking and optimization capabilities.

Additionally, integrating a new e-commerce platform with existing systems posed concerns, necessitating a seamless transition to maintain operations.

RDMilk’s journey with Bagisto began with a simple vision: to connect dairy farmers with a wider market and modernize their operations.

From showcasing its diverse range of dairy products to integrating secure payment gateways, Bagisto provided the versatility RDMilk needed to thrive in the digital realm.

Solution Provided By Webkul Bagisto

In collaboration with Webkul and knowing Bagisto’s capabilities, RDMilk found solutions to their challenges.

To overcome the limitations of their market reach, they developed a user-friendly website using Bagisto’s adaptable framework.

This platform enabled them to showcase their diverse range of dairy industry products to a broader audience, transcending geographical barriers.

For inventory management, Bagisto’s robust system offered real-time tracking and optimization features.

Appealing Storefront

Bagisto’s interactive home page and interactive product pages encourage visitors to stay and explore the website.

appealing store front product page

This visually appealing storefront attracts customers and provides a positive shopping experience which increases user engagement.

Wide Range of Categories

Bagisto offers extensive categories that facilitate the company’s product display in several, well-structured sections.

The consumer can more readily locate the right product for their needs because of the products’ excellent organization and categorization.


Moreover, Webkul’s expertise in website development services facilitated a smooth integration process, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximal productivity.

Effective catalog management streamlines operations and improves customer satisfaction, which promotes the growth of an online store.

Responsive Design

Cross-device compatibility provides a user-friendly experience, allowing customers to browse on all of the accessible screen sizes, regardless of their preferred screen size.


With the help of this function, customers can buy things at any time and from any location without having to worry about whether their mobile device, tablets, or other devices are compatible.

Seamless Checkout process

The quick and simple checkout process offered by Bagisto enhances the online shopping experience for Muktinathkrishi clients.

Customers don’t need to go through a complicated checkout process when they register with their mobile number and proceed with the product checkout.

SEO Optimization

Improve the website’s search engine ranking on any search engine by utilizing the SEO management tools offered by Bagisto.

An increase in organic traffic to their website from internet searches means that they have more prospective customers and sales.

Octane Support

Bagisto’s Octane functionality helps to reduce the overall loading time of the website which results in performance optimization.


RDMilk and Webkul, empowered by Bagisto’s versatile capabilities, significant strides were made.

The implementation of a user-friendly website broadened their market reach, unlocking new opportunities beyond their local sphere.

Efficient inventory management through Bagisto’s system optimized their supply chain operations, boosting productivity and reducing costs.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of the e-commerce platform with existing systems ensured operational continuity without disruptions.

Most importantly, RDMilk’s success story extends beyond expected business growth; it’s about uplifting local dairy farmers.

By providing them with a reliable platform to showcase their products and receive fair prices, RDMilk has not only flourished as a business but also enriched.

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