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Galen Foods is a popular Turkish brand specializing in high-quality sun-dried tomatoes, olives, olive oil, dried fruit slices, and delicatessen sets.

It was established with a passion for quality, it provides the finest and best quality food items.

Galen Foods took inspiration from Turkey’s cooking traditions and rich culture, which have lived for centuries.

Their commitment to excellence ensures that every Galen Foods product meets the highest flavor, freshness, and purity standards.

The Tomato Product Industry in Turkey

The tomato product industry in Turkey has a renowned heritage and offers exceptional quality.

From sun-dried tomatoes to tomato paste, Turkey has established a unique position in the global market.

The tomato product industry in Turkey offers a wide range of products that serve both domestic and international markets.

According to Tomato News last year, Turkey’s foreign sales of tomato products reached a total value of USD 545 million, up 100% from the result achieved in 2021.

Challenges faced

Before implementing Bagisto, Galen Foods faced challenges in managing its online store efficiently.

They needed a user-friendly platform, capable of handling diverse product categories and providing a smooth shopping experience, which led them to explore Bagisto.

The admin required a platform with an easy and efficient back-end panel with all the features in one place.

The admin wanted a feature by which they could visualize their sales, customer, and product reports and data through graphical representations.

In this case study we will know how Bagisto helped Galen Foods to overcome the above-mentioned problems and provided other helpful features.

Bagisto – One Stop Solution

Bagisto is a versatile e-commerce platform suitable for businesses of any size.

It is based on the popular Laravel PHP framework and follows a modular and decoupled approach.

Customizable Product Management

Bagisto’s product management system allowed Galen Foods to easily manage and display its diverse range of products.

The customizable product listings ensured that each item could be presented separately, along with the brand’s identity.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of Bagisto played an important role in increasing the overall customer experience for Galen Foods.

With easy navigation and quick design, customers could easily explore the online store, helping to increase engagement and satisfaction.

Scalability for Product Expansion

As Galen Foods expanded its product range, Bagisto’s scalable architecture proved crucial.

The platform helped the growth, allowing the brand to increase its range without compromising on performance or user experience.

Inventory Management

Bagisto’s efficient inventory management tool made Galen Food’s back-end tasks hassle-free.

Inventory updates ensured that the brand could meet customer demand effectively.

Order Management

Real-time tracking and automated order processing helped Galen Foods to ease the order processing function.

Bagisto provides a range of extensions and features like multi-currency support, and multi-lingual capabilities.

Payment Gateway Integration

Bagisto’s ability to easily integrate with various payment gateways provided Galen Foods with a secure and wide range of payment options.

This played a pivotal role in increasing customer conversion rate and establishing trust with customers, contributing to the brand’s success.

Customizable Themes

The option to customize themes on Bagisto allowed Galen Foods to create an attractive and detailed online storefront.

This customization ensured that the brand’s identity was displayed in the design, contributing to a better online shopping experience.

Responsive Design

Bagisto’s responsive design ensured that Galen Foods’ online store looked and functions across various devices.

Whether customers view the site on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the responsive design feature helps to a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience.

End note

Galen Foods’ collaboration with Bagisto displays the transformation by choosing the right e-commerce platform.

Galen Foods not only improved its online store but also solidified its position in the competitive market.

By using these features, Galen Foods was able to not only overcome these challenges but also enhance its online presence, improve efficiency, and offer a delightful shopping experience to customers, contributing to the overall success of the brand in the competitive e-commerce industry.

Bagisto development services help you to achieve your business goals with various custom solutions and transform your single-seller store into a multi-seller marketplace, NFT marketplace, mobile app, and Saas-based solutions as well.

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