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Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Case study Banner Image is an Iran online perfume store of that is growing and developing the aroma of the fragrance industry.

The perfume industry, characterized by its artistry and innovation, captures the essence of individuality and self-expression. is a premier destination for perfume enthusiasts in Iran, offering an extensive collection catering to both men and women.

The platform prides itself on providing the finest variety of perfumes, ensuring a diverse and satisfying olfactory experience.

Online Fragrance Sector in Iran

As per Statista, In 2023, Iran’s fragrance market is projected to reach an impressive $1.10 billion revenue milestone, per Statista.

Growing demand for Persian scents transforms Iran’s fragrance market, reflecting a fascination with preserving cultural heritage and celebration.

As per ECDB, the Iran online perfume store is predicted to hit US$19.2 million, constituting 24.5% of Iran’s Personal Care eCommerce by 2023.

Iran, a fragrance hotspot, contends with ROJA, HESSE PANJOM, etc. key players shaping the market landscape and challenging’s presence.

How Odcolon Founder Started the Business?

The founder’s family history in perfume sales merged with software engineering skills, driving entry into the digital perfume business.

Founder pledged original, high-quality products—a strategic commitment ensuring business success through trust and customer satisfaction.

Fashion trends and the development of innovative scents are propelling the evolution of the fragrance and perfume industry.

With a penchant for lighter aromas, the younger generation embraces body sprays, mists, and cologne for a refreshing fragrance experience.

How Bagisto Empower Odcolon into an Online Business Store?

Bagisto, an Open Source Laravel eCommerce platform, plays a crucial role in shaping a website’s features and specifications.

The client sought a solution for easy eCommerce store setup, empowering customers without technical expertise, and streamlining the online establishment process.

They chose Laravel to oversee their eCommerce site, capitalizing on its features as a freely available, open-source PHP web framework.

Let’s see the features and specifications of the store built on Bagisto.

Product Description

Product descriptions provide essential information about the product, helping customers understand its features, specifications, and benefits.

When combined with images, product descriptions create a more comprehensive and engaging shopping experience for online shoppers.

Well-crafted descriptions increase conversion rates by guiding customers through the decision-making process with relevant information.

RTL Multilingual Functionality

This store is predominantly designed in the Persian language, with a specific focus on catering to Iranian consumers. Bagisto offers inbuilt support for RTL and LTR languages.

Bagisto development services will help you incorporate multiple add-on features that you require on top of the out of box features that Bagisto offers.

By supporting RTL languages, the website becomes more accessible to a larger audience, particularly in regions where these languages are prevalent.

Customer Profile Management

By maintaining customer profiles, businesses can build customer relationships over time.

Loyalty programs, personalized offers, and targeted communications can be more effectively implemented.

Customer profiles streamline checkout by saving addresses, payment info, and preferences for returning users, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Checkout Process and Payment Option

A streamlined checkout process minimizes steps, reducing friction and encouraging users to complete their purchases.

Furthermore, diverse payment methods and a simplified checkout speed up transactions, catering to customers with varying preferences.

Moreover, implementing secure payment gateways builds trust among users, assuring them of the safety of their financial information.

SEO Optimization and Product Filter Option

Filters simplify browsing and allow users to find products that match their specific criteria quickly.

Bagisto has inbuilt SEO Optimization functionality which involves improving website structure, navigation, and content, resulting in a more user-friendly experience.

Additionally, product filters enable a personalized shopping experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and engagement.

Moreover, filters can showcase related or complementary products, opening up cross-selling opportunities.


Bagisto has played a pivotal role in enabling to establish a formidable online presence in Iran’s competitive perfume market.

The online store was instrumental in driving’s success, allowing it to flourish in demanding market conditions.

Through its innovative features, upheld a professional image, ultimately playing a significant role in its prominence within the competitive Iran e-commerce sector.

For those looking to start an online business, connect with Bagisto’s sales team for personalized assistance in building a thriving online store.

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