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Golkonda HandiCrafts – How Does Bagisto Support Telangana State Golkonda Handicrafts In Keeping The Store Running Smoothly?



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Golkonda Handicrafts which sell handicrafts online has several distinct advantages including a long-standing market presence. There is a wide selection of handicrafts from all around Telangana.

For the advantage of the craftsmen, it’s a fantastic place to market, advertise, and showcase the goods.

sell handicrafts online

Every state and area in India has its arts and crafts. These long-standing customs have a strong hold on our culture.

Artisans are skilled manual labourers who earn a living by producing crafts such as home decor items, equipment, and other products.

The client contacted Bagisto for some custom requirements. We successfully installed the functionality the client requested to address technical problems on their website.

E-commerce Handicraft Sector in India

According to research from 2012, the majority of Indian e-commerce businesses have yet to break even.

People use social media to communicate, share, and exchange information to create highly interactive communities.

sell handicrafts online

It was also demonstrated that social media accounts for the bulk of Internet users’ time.

Businesses are developing cutting-edge methods to sense people’s emotions on social media because they perceive enormous promise in this unexplored space.

Online retailing accounts for only 8% of India’s entire e-commerce sector and according to the Internet and Mobile, is growing.

India is one of the world’s greatest Internet users, and it predicts to surpass the United States in the future years.

E-commerce provides a fantastic marketing platform for products made in the United States. It also allows exporters to expand their business.

It will quickly rise to prominence in India. Consumers benefit from low-cost, appealing deals. They can use the internet to compare various products.

They Are Faced With Several Challenges

Finding a solution for a scenario where the user was experiencing reliability and technical problems was the main challenge.

The Golkanda sell handicrafts online store, which enables customers to choose items and place orders based on their needs, is one of the most crucial parts.

sell handicrafts online

The store administrator has the ability to modify existing categories and add new ones for users. The users desire to buy the things that are mentioned in the Golkonda Online Store.

Bagisto was chosen as their total solution partner. Users can use the easy and friendly eCommerce store of Golkonda Handicrafts.

What Was Bagisto’s Role in the Conflict?

When the customer identified the Bagisto eCommerce solution the module included almost all of the capabilities the customer needed.

In addition, the admin interface for the store is quite configurable and user-friendly.

sell handicrafts online

In addition to the modules, Bagisto completed certain specialised integrations for the customer project to satisfy their needs.

As you know, Bagisto is an open-source platform that helps different small and mid-sized ventures to use the platform for their business and also became our on-role partner by sharing with the open-source community.

Some of the extensions about the payment gateway, WhatsApp connect, blog extensions and many more have been shared by our current partners.

We do refer our clients to our partners if our developer is preoccupied and help them nurture their business.

Finally, Bagisto delivered the outcomes they desired. And Golkonda Handicrafts turned into a happy and satisfied client.

Final Thoughts

Golkonda Handicrafts created a platform where consumers can easily purchase using their custom domains by utilizing Bagisto extensions and add-ons.

The procedure is now very easy to follow and uncomplicated. By selecting the options that best fit their needs, anyone may easily register and place a purchase.

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sell handicrafts online

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