5 Reasons Why You Need an E-Commerce Mobile App

Updated 27 August 2021

Those days are gone when customers are used to purchasing products from desktops. Here we will explain to you “5 Reasons Why You Need an E-Commerce Mobile App“.

As we all know mobile application plays a major role in successfully engaging with an online business. It creates an easy shopping experience for your customers from anywhere.

Online shoppers prefer to use mobile these days over desktops. Those in the e-commerce industry are well aware of this fact and recognize the need for e-commerce apps for businesses.

Real Time Synchronizatic

That’s why it is essential to create an e-commerce app as well as make an eCommerce website.

Shopping on mobile apps is growing up to 54% yearly. Moreover, mobile sales are dominating the e-commerce industry.

As you can see in the last 6 months’ stats, more than half of the internet traffic shopping came from mobile devices.

mobile stats


Here are “5 Reasons Why You Need an E-Commerce Mobile App:

1. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

There are several reasons for shopping cart abandonment like website crashed, being forced to create an account, complicated checkout process, and many more. But mobile apps overcome these problems.



As you can see from above image, mobile apps have the lowest cart abandonment rate compared to mobile websites and desktop sites.

2. Easy Geo-Tracking

Geo-tracking is the biggest pros of mobile applications, especially for food delivery apps. If you are a local store owner then you can send an offer to your customers when they enter in your area.

GPS location features

It will improve customer engagement.

3. Connect With The Customer Even When They Are Offline

Mobile apps allow staying connected with your customer even in offline mode. Users can trust your application in areas of poor connectivity, they will become more loyal.

Even in the U.S., it is estimated that 15% of users are actually using offline apps at any given time. 

The useful benefit of the offline mobile app is that it saves the battery of your mobile phone. It will increase your user acquisition and retention rate.

4. Reduced response time

A major concern of users is how much fast an application performs. An application usually performs action faster than the mobile website as applications store their data locally on your mobile device.

According to Marketingland’s survey, users are likely to complete purchases via a mobile device if the eCommerce platform has a lower page load time.

In addition, users are able to set their default preferences in the mobile application, which lets an app load only the content that the customer wants.

5. Using device features


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