Virtual Vs Downloadable Products in Bagisto

Updated 16 February 2023

Virtual VS Downloadable Product – Let’s see virtual and downloadable products.

Let’s suppose there is a customer Jenny. She wants to create a website where she wants to sell subscription products. Jenny is confused about what product type to choose! Whether she goes with a virtual product or a downloadable product type?

So if Jenny wants to sell products like subscriptions or coupon products she can go with the virtual product type.

This product type would allow her to create non-physical items that can be purchased as a normal product and get delivered electronically.

The product types that she can create can range from digital downloads, software licenses, and eBooks to online courses and subscriptions. 

Else, if she wants to sell products that the customers can download onto their computers or mobile devices like – software, music, videos, ebooks, or other types of digital content then she can go with the downloadable product type.

What is a Virtual & Downloadable product?

Virtual Product

A virtual product is a non-physical item. It can be purchased like a normal product and is delivered electronically.

Examples of virtual products include digital downloads, software licenses, eBooks, online courses, and subscriptions to online services.

Unlike physical products, virtual products do not require shipping or handling. You can download or access it instantly after purchase.

You can not download a virtual product. It is a service that your customers will receive.

Suppose a customer is in need of a Gym membership. Let’s see how the GYM membership appears on the product page and what exactly the customer will receive after purchasing the membership product.

You can also check how to create a virtual product in Bagisto.

Product Page – This is how the product page appears for the Gym Membership product to the customers.

My Orders Section – The purchased membership details are visible here to the customer.

Downloadable Product

A digital product is a downloadable product. The customer can download and access it electronically. It can be software, music, videos, ebooks, or any other type of digital content.

Customers typically pay for the product online and then are able to download it directly from the eCommerce website or receive a link to download the product via email.

There is no need of selecting a shipping carrier in the case of downloadable products. You can deliver it instantly to the user’s account or via email as required.

Consider a customer who wants to purchase a Yoga eBook. Let’s see how the eBook product appears on the storefront and what exactly the customer will receive after purchasing the Yoga eBook product.

You can also check how to create a downloadable product in Bagisto.

Product Page:

My Downloads Section: After purchasing the downloadable product, the customer can navigate to his Downloadable Products section. Here, they will find the details of the downloadable product. To download the product on their system they can tap the link for the same.

Virtual Vs Downloadable Product Difference


It depends upon the user’s requirement on what exactly he wants to sell on his online store whether it’s a service, warranty, updates, etc. Or if he wants to sell digital content like – videos, eBooks, etc. Accordingly, the user can choose between the virtual and the downloadable product type as per his requirements.

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