How Live Streaming Can Transform Your Online Shopping.

Updated 20 August 2021

Live commerce is an enhanced way of eCommerce with live interactive streaming videos or events. This in return bridges up the gap and combines the personal help of in-store shopping experiences with online trades.

Live streaming can be a key factor in any business because customers can get a clear live description of the product.

In Bagisto we have our own live Streaming  module with the following features:

  • The admin can invite any number of members or influencers in the live.
  • Both the parties i.e. guests and logged-in customers can watch the live streaming.
  • The Logged-in customers can message the queries during the live stream.
  • The admin can add products while creating the stream, these products will be displayed to the customers during the live stream.
  • The influencer can download the stream.
Under the streams, the admin can see all the streams that have been created 


In the stream, the customer can see all the streams that have been assigned to the customer by the admin

Advantages of E-commerce Streaming

 Reduction in Distribution Costs

Live commerce reduces overhead costs when during a live streaming or interactive videos with these products are sold to customers directly from the warehouse which is better than shipping them from various locations

The order of operations and processes for receiving an order becomes easy with less effort taken.

Improves Customer Experience

Live Commerce or live streaming process allows influencers to effectively demonstrate the different features of the products. You can also discuss how the product can be put into use daily in lifestyle by answering the customer’s pain points. 

We can interact directly with customers, helping to increase customer value for retailers. 

They help customers value by comparing the product available in the market. 

The best part of this type of engagement shopping with the customer lies in discovering what exactly your audience wants and helping them in making decisions.

Measuring and tracking for Marketing Efforts

Target email campaigns and newsletters with directed social media messaging, and inbound marketing can be used in maintaining customer retention and loyalty. 

Live commerce helps you in communicating with your targeted audiences through newsletters and social media campaigns.

Brand Loyalty

 Try to create long-term brand loyalty as customers can tend to connect more with the individual selling of the products. 

The customer value will increase as they can create a personal relationship.

This in return helps out in retaining the customer and creating new customers. The customers will stay loyal to the brands and develop a bond as retaining customers is very important for the growth of your business.

Day by day sellers are integrating live video shopping experiences into their daily routines. 

Future of Live Commerce

 Live commerce is going to become mainstream in the market within the next few years. The virtual model of marketing is already a huge success in India. 

A new generation of buyers will definitely go to enjoy the human touch and convenience that live commerce will offer. 

So, brands need to reignite the lost touch with the human element of customer experience. This will definitely revolutionize retail therapy in India.

experience, this will change. A new generation of buyers will come to enjoy the human touch and convenience that live commerce offers. Thus, it is very important for brands to re-ignite the lost touch with the human element of customer experience and revolutionize retail therapy in India.



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