How to start online pharmacy marketplace?

Updated 10 April 2024

If you want to start an online pharmacy you can create it like a marketplace so that multiple pharmacists can sell their products under a single storefront. In this article, we will look at how to start an online pharmacy marketplace.

Some of the major ePharmacy stores are Netmeds, 1MG, Mchemist, Apollo Pharmacy, etc.

This is how an online pharmacy marketplace looks like that provides different types of products with different sellers and different rates so that customers can choose products comparing different sellers rates.

How to start online pharmacy marketplace

Why ePharmacy?

With the move into the digital world, many retailers have approached eCommerce to grow their business.

Therefore,  ePharmacy marketplace, several chemists can sell their medicines on a single website beneficial for Chemists, customers, and website owners.

How can the marketplace help us during the pandemic?

With the help of the marketplace in the pandemic where everybody is dealing with the storage of medicines, injection, and oxygen cylinders we can collaborate and deliver it in the best way with the huge number.

Also, the most important factor with the online pharmacy marketplace is that they will be zero or almost no storage of medicines which we all are facing as a huge issue in the deadly pandemic.

An online pharmacy is a commercial enterprise that means It has all the common features to the business.

Benefits of e-Pharmacy

It is estimated that there will be a rise in the compound annual growth by 14.2 % in ePharmacy by 2024.


Did you know that more than $370 million is spent on prescription drugs each year in the world?

More importantly, an online pharmacy business doesn’t need a doctor or pharmacist but they need employees with a qualified and licensed professional to distribute the medicines on only platforms which is somewhere also creating an employment opportunity.


How to start online pharmacy marketplace

Here we will see how to create a Pharmacy Marketplace like Netmeds where several Pharmacists can sell their medical equipment.

How to start an online pharmacy marketplace?

Follow these simple steps given below to get started with your own pharmacy marketplace

1. Select the appropriate Platform to use

It is one of the prime steps to use the platform that suits your requirements. There are several platforms like Magento, Bagisto, Shopify, Prestashop, and many others.

Magento is a widely used eCommerce platform to create an online store that is very popular and very secure.

You can also use the platforms that are based on Laravel for faster development and easy customization like AvoRed, Aimeos, Bagisto.

Laravel is a PHP-based platform that carries endless features and is one of the popular frameworks.

the Laravel is known for its amazing Durability, Accessibility, reliability and robust features.

With the help of Laravel, developers can boost up the speed of web application development up to 80%

How to start online pharmacy marketplace

2. Web Hosting

It is one of the important steps to choose the Web Hosting service so that your eCommerce website is accessible via the world wide web all over the world.

In the case of big websites, you must choose dedicated web hosting because marketthe the place eCommerce needs a large amount of disk space and bandwidth.

While in Shared hosting, there can be web traffic that leads to the slow loading of pages.



3. Create a Multi-Vendor Website

Multi-vendor eCommerce is a complex process instead of which you can use an extension to create a multi-vendor website to raise the business.

You can create a Multi-Vendor website in Bagisto by using the extension Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace that provides several privileges to the Admin and the Sellers also.

4. Mobile Support

The total number of smartphone users in India is estimated as 760 million in 2021.

As there are millions of mobile users in today’s world and the number of mobile users is also increasing.

It is an effective step if you create an application for the mobile device so that the customers can easily integrate with the eCommerce website using their mobiles only.

You can easily create a PWA in Bagisto by using the module Laravel eCommerce PWA.

PWA is a modern-day technology app that feels and performs just like the Native apps.

how to create a pharmacy marketplace

5. Create a customer support 

Customer service support is important to your business because it adds value to your business by providing amazing services in the marketplace.

You can cultivate loyal customer serves which may help you in growing your business and this will also help in the case studies and testimonials which you can further use for marketing.

6. Inventory management the the 

The inventory management system is the process to manage and track your goods’ entire supply chain, from purchasing to the check-out process.

With this, you can manage the accuracy and flexibility in inventory control.



To make it best in the era of the digital world marketplace should display as much information required and logical. If you have any issue also feel free to raise a ticket at 


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