How to Generate Automatic Coupon code in bagisto

Updated 4 March 2024

Coupon codes are used with the cart rule, It helps the customer at your site to avail product in discounted prices. Here will discuss how to generate automatic coupon code in bagisto.

Follow the below step to generate an automatic coupon in bagisto. Check the cart rule for creating manual coupon code.

Step 1:- Generate  Automatic Coupon

On Admin Panel, go to Cart Rules>> Select Coupon type “specific coupon”>> Select Automatic Generate Coupon “Yes”

Genrate Automatic Coupon

do entry in below filed

Now Save the cart rule and click to edit the cart rule. Then the coupon code section will appear at the bottom of the cart rule.

Step 2:- Entry in the Coupon codes section

Do the entry in the below field.

Coupon code

Code Length

 Set the number of lengths includes and exclude the suffix and prefix.

Click on the Generate button to release multiple coupons, you will get notification “cart rule coupons created successfully”. 

coupon code saved

Now Save the cart rule and click to edit the cart rule. Multiple coupons will appear as shown in the below table.

Automatic coupons

If you want to delete any coupon code, you can just select coupon code that you want to delete and submit.

Delete coupon

Front End:-

Enter coupon in bagisto

That’s all about “how to generate automatic coupon code in bagisto”. Hope it will be helpful for you. If you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket at

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