How to Create an Online Marketplace like “Zen Educate”?

Updated 9 November 2022

It is hard to find the best teachers with perfect skills and expertise. And for this purpose recruiting agencies charge so much money that sometimes it does not feel relevant to give.

Sometimes you’ll find the best teacher for your school and sometimes you have to just compromise with it. For that purpose only, an online marketplace comes into existence that will be worth all your penny and provides you with the best teachers.

An online marketplace that connects the greatest teachers with schools is  Zen Educate.

An online market that has received £19.3 million ($21 million) in “An extended round of investment.”

It is basically providing the school with the best teachers available. It is a structure that frequently entails third parties and expensive costs and is based out of London since 2017.

Zen Educate

Their main aim is to replace the conventional method of hiring teachers. We all know that if we do the recruitment for the teachers through the recruitment team it would be a long process including a waste of papers and follow-up on calls.

The co-founder of Zen Educate says that in the UK education hiring recruiting agencies is so much expensive that it almost takes 30-35% of margins.

Overview of Zen Educate

Slava Kremerman, co-founder and CEO of Zen Educate made this platform so that the cost of hiring teachers for the school, can be reduced.

While the teachers register themselves to the marketplace, it’s not free at all. There are some extensive checks for the teachers while they do the sign-up process.

It is working on the flow of algorithm surfaces for matching the most suitable teachers with the schools based on a range of criteria.

What does Zen Educate Marketplace do? 

Zen Educate is an online marketplace that connects teachers with schools directly without third-party recruiting agencies. They will charge the commission and eventually it would decrease the pay of teachers.  Agencies take a long time for doing it manually and run on manual systems.

They create an experience that makes the schools and teachers glad about their services. Zen Educate will be at the forefront of the wave of interventions that the educational system needs.

How Did They Start Their Journey? 

While working with the recruiting agencies, the founder feels recruiters are completely working for their commission. They take more commissions from schools and this would make less pay for the teachers.

This scenario makes the education system fails to do the right things.  Worst of all, it increases the incentive for dishonest business practices, which are made worse by the lack of qualifications needed to work as an education recruiter or the lack of regulations needed to operate an agency.

Zen Educate Marketplace provides Numerous Features

Numerous elements in this sector enable your clients to improve their recruiting services.

Let’s examine the features offered by the market:

Employing and setting up cover

Recruit and organize cover tools to connect you with outstanding Teachers, TAs, and Cover Supervisors seeking both temporary and permanent positions.

Easily book

We schedule some of our greatest teachers ahead of time when they will be needed. This enables you to make a booking right away without having to wait for a response or check to see whether they are available.

Timesheets under 1 click

We’ve eliminated the hassle associated with timesheets and billing. You only need to click a button, and the rest will be taken care of, allowing you more time to concentrate on the crucial things.

How To Develop Your Own Zen Educate Marketplace?

Bagisto can help you build your Recruiting Marketplace platform from the scratch. Go follow the steps for having your own marketplace like Zen Educate.

Platform Selection

Using Laravel-based Bagisto as a platform for your marketplace will fill all the requirements to create a marketplace like Zen Educate.

Hosting Service

Selecting the web hosting service is very important. If you’re building a marketplace then the best to go with is dedicated hosting above shared hosting.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

As you want to create a marketplace like Zen Educate, there must be sellers and admins. Here the admin can be the school and the sellers can become the teachers.

You can easily create a Multi-Vendor Marketplace in Bagisto by using the module Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace which also provides various access to both Admin and Sellers as well.


Use the Zen Educate marketplace to recruit the best teachers for school and also do the cost-cutting that needs to be given to expensive high-recruiting agencies.

It enables a level of transparency and efficiency that revolutionizes the hiring system for teachers. Schools will also be able to instantly view the pool of available supply teachers by proximity and skills at the click of a button.

So, that was much about “Zen Educate A Marketplace that matches schools with the best teachers” for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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