How to Configure Newsletter in Bagisto

Updated 1 October 2021

Bagisto newsletter subscription is an opportunity for the store owners to let their customers receive an interesting newsletter from your Bagisto website.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for your website.

This feature allows you to communicate with your customers in bulk about upcoming offers of your stores such as Black Friday sales, Christmas sales, and New Year offers.

How To Configure Newsletter in Bagisto

Admin Configuration

Firstly the admin can navigate to Store >> Configuration>> Customer

Here you need to enable the toggle button “Allow Newsletter Subscriptions” to use this feature successfully.

Newsletter subscriptions

Here the admin can see all their customers who subscribed to the newsletter subscription.

Also, the admin will navigate to Store >> Email Marketing >>Newsletter subscriptions


Email Templates

After that, the admin will go to the Event Templates as shown in the below image :

bagisto-laravel-eCommerce-email-templatesNow here the admin can create multiple email templates for their store.

bagisto-laravel-eCommerce-add-email-templatesThe admin will fill in the required details to create the Email Template as:

Name: Enter the name for your email template

Status: Active up the status

Content: Enter the desired content for your template


After that, the admin will go to the Event. Where admin can create an event to successfully run the camping as shown in the below image.

Here admin will provide the necessary details to add the event :

Name: Enter the name of your event

Description: Provide the Description for your event

Date: Mention the date from which you would like to run your campaign


Last but not least is campaigns here the admin will add the campaigns to successfully sent the email to their customers with the required information.

As shown in the below image here admin has to fill the following fields.


Name: Enter the name of your campaign

Subject: Enter the subject lines for your mail

Event: Select the event

Status: Make the status active for your campaign


Channel: Choose the channel

Customer Group: Select the group

After all the configuration you need to run the command under your project root to send the emails as below :

“php artisan campaign:process”


Customer Configurations

Now it’s time to see about our store customers from where they can subscribe to the newsletters.

The customers can subscribe to the newsletter during the sign-up and once the customer is done with the sign-up, they can easily see all the kinds of the offer.


Also, the customer can subscribe to the newsletter from the Homepage at the footer side as shown in the below image.


So guys these are the simple steps that you need to follow to successfully configure the Newsletter feature in Bagisto.

Also, if still you have any issues also feel free to add a ticket at


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