Customer group pricing in Bagisto.

Updated 10 March 2022

In this blog, We are going to learn about the “Customer group pricing in Bagisto”. This can be very beneficial for the customers at the time of purchase.

A discounted price on any product can be extended to members of a specific customer group, provided they shop while logged in to their accounts.

The discounted price appears on the product page with the regular price shown, and replaces the regular price in the shopping cart.

Here we are seeing the normal price of the product.

Set up the customer group price

1. First create the customer group and assign the group to the customer or by default there is a group like “General”,” Wholesale”,” Guest ”.

 group pricing for customers

2. Now in the catalog you can add the product.

Customer group


3. In the price section you need to configure the customer group pricing.

First, you will see that there are a few options here which I have explained below.

Discounted Price: In Discounted price. We will have to set a percentage which will be discounted on the price of the product after the offer.

Fixed Price: In this, we will have to set a fixed price on the product after the offer.

Quantity: In this, we will have to set the minimum quantity of the product to purchase in order to avail of the offer.

Customer Group: In this, we can create a group which we can assign to the customer i.e. prime membership group,  guest group, wholesale group, general group.

( Note-We can create a group according to our requirement.)

Fixed Price

Here I have set the fixed price of the product in the Guest Customer group with a minimum quantity of 1. It means if you purchase 1 piece of this product of cost 500$. But if you are a guest user then the cost of the product for you will be 450$.


Customer group in Bagisto.


4. Now save the product now you can see the price changed according to the group.

5. As I have set for the guest group and the fixed price here it is showing the pricing according to the guest group as shown in the snapshot.


Customer group bagisto

Discounted Price

Here is one for a discounted price of the product in the General  Customer group with a minimum quantity of 2. It means if you purchase 2 pieces of this product of cost 500$ each. But if you are a General user then the cost of the product for you will be 900$.

If you purchase only 1 product then you will have to pay 500$ as I have set the minimum quantity to avail this offer 2.



Now follow step 4.

As you have seen in the above snapshot I set the Discounted price of 10% on each purchase of the 2 pieces of the same product in the general customer group.  It will be displayed on the front end as below snapshot.



It’s all about the customer group pricing in Bagisto.

If you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket at

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  • William Hatanaka
    Hello, is there a way to show specific products for a specific customer group and hide them for another customer group?
    • saurav pathak (Moderator)
      Well you need to multiple changes at front and admin end.
      Some files in which you need to changes are:

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