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1Delilik is a Turkish online store specializing in ladies’ lingerie.

They started on a journey to revolutionize the digital lingerie shopping experience.


1delilik is a premier online destination that offers a large selection of ladies’ undergarments that display elegance and style.

It has become a sign of quality and fashion in the intimate apparel industry in Turkey.

1Delilik aims to represent femininity and self-expression through its carefully crafted collections.

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The Turkish Online Lingerie Market

The Turkish online lingerie market has experienced significant growth in recent years, establishing itself as a profitable industry.

Turkish lingerie brands have gained recognition for their high-quality products and innovative designs.


Online lingerie stores in Turkey offer a wide range of options, providing various options and sizes.

According to Statista, the Night and underwear market in Turkey is projected to generate a revenue of US$105.20m in 2024.

Turkish online lingerie stores have expanded their reach, providing a smooth shopping experience for customers both within Turkey and internationally.

Challenges Faced

1Delilik wanted to Manage a diverse range of ladies’ lingerie products and this required a system that could handle different attributes, variations, and options.

With the growing demand for their products, 1delilik needed an eCommerce platform that could handle increased traffic and easily scale as their business expanded.

The admin wanted a platform where they could manage the back end easily and efficiently.

1delilik required a platform that allowed for customization of the store’s appearance, product layout, and checkout process.

In this case study we will know how Koshika established their e-commerce website on Bagisto to overcome these challenges.

Product Management

Bagisto’s advanced product management system enabled 1delilik to efficiently handle its diverse product range.


They could easily create and manage different attributes, variations, and options for their lingerie products, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Customization Friendly

Bagisto’s modular design and Laravel’s flexibility allowed 1delilik to customize its online store according to its brand identity.


They could design unique product layouts, create custom themes, and modify the checkout process to match their specific requirements.

Enhanced User Experience

With Bagisto’s customizable features, 1delilik created a unique shopping experience for their customers.


The easy product layout, easy navigation, and personalized design features improved user engagement and satisfaction.

Easy Checkout

Bagisto’s efficient product management and customization feature allowed 1delilik to present its products effectively and simplified the checkout process.


This led to increased sales and improved conversion rates.


Bagisto’s scalable architecture supported 1delilik’s growing business needs.



The platform could handle increased traffic without compromising performance, helping in a seamless shopping experience even during peak seasons.

Smooth Operations

Bagisto’s integration with third-party services, including payment gateways and shipping providers, reduced operational complexity for 1delilik.


Orders, payments, and shipping details were easily managed, ensuring smooth order fulfillment.

Mobile Compatibility

Bagisto’s mobile compatibility ensured that 1delilik’s online store could be accessed and enjoyed by customers on various devices.

It provides responsive themes, ensuring that 1delilik’s online store can be accessed and enjoyed on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.



This expanded their reach and allowed customers to shop conveniently anytime, anywhere.

SEO Optimization

The built-in SEO features of Bagisto helped 1delilik improve their store’s search engine rankings, resulting in increased organic traffic and improved visibility.


By choosing Bagisto as its eCommerce platform, 1delilik successfully overcame its challenges relating to product management, scalability, and customization.

Bagisto provided an easy and customizable solution that enhanced user experience, increased sales, smooth operations, and ensured mobile compatibility.

With Bagisto’s support, 1delilik continues to function as a leading Turkish online store for ladies’ lingerie.

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