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VNEDOROGNIK is an Online store of automobiles and accessories from Ukraine that is growing and evolving the automobile industry with the way of life.

VNEDOROGNIK caters to diverse people not only motorists but also car enthusiasts providing them with modified cars through uniqueness and efficiency.

The car modification industry offers a diverse range of customization options from performance enhancements and aesthetic upgrades.

Analysis Of the car industry in Ukraine

According to Statista, revenue of the passenger car market is predicted to reach US$1,803.0m in 2023.

In Ukraine’s price-sensitive, recovering passenger vehicle market, small crossovers (SUVs) manufactured by Japanese and Korean automakers are the top-selling segment.

As per Similarweb, the Top visited automotive industry websites in Ukraine are,,, and so on. This enhances the competition for VNEDOROGNIK.

Of all passenger car segments sold in Ukraine, SUVs account for the greatest proportion of sales.

Why Automobile Sector be Online?

The automobile sector is increasingly going online to enhance customer convenience and provide digital platforms for services like vehicle customization etc.

It allows customers to explore, compare, and purchase vehicles from the comfort of their homes.

Ecommerce integration in the automotive sector simplifies the parts and accessories purchasing process, offering a wide range of offers.

Online store of automobile promotes transparency with online reviews, ratings, and detailed product information encouraging customers to make informed decisions.

How Bagisto Transforms VNEDOROGNIK into a Renowned Online Car Store?

Bagisto as an open-source ecommerce platform built on Laravel, significantly influences and shapes the features and specifications of websites.

By offering features and functionalities of open-source eCommerce solutions, Bagisto development services contributed to the improvement of their online visibility.

Let’s dive to look at the features and functionalities of the store.

Customized Search Option

Search options by Year, Brand, and model of the cars give easy access to the customers to directly switch on their desired categories and products.

A personalized search experience can lead to higher conversion rates as users are more likely to discover products that align with their interests and needs.

This functionality for mobile users, provides a seamless and efficient way to navigate through a vast inventory on smaller screens.

Smooth Checkout Cart and Payment option

The smooth checkout process minimizes friction, decreasing the likelihood of customers leaving their carts before completing the purchases.

It contributes to a positive user experience, making the entire transaction process efficient and user friendly.

Simplifying the payment process and providing multiple secure payment options can lead to higher conversion rates.

Impressive Catalog Management

A well-organized catalog with thoughtful product categorization, tagging, rich media etc. makes it easier for customers to find products they are looking for.

Catalog management allows the creation of better merchandising rules, promotions, and cross-selling of products leading to higher average order value.

With a clean catalog structure, it becomes easier to get insights through reporting on product performance.

Customer Review System

Review builds trust by providing authentic feedback from other customers, and helping potential buyers make informed decisions.

Feedback helps sellers to understand customer preferences and areas for improvement, leading to product enhancements.

User-generated content, like reviews, can improve SEO by adding more relevant keywords and fresh content to product pages.

Multiple Language Support (RTL and LTR Support)

By supporting different languages, the site can cater to visitors from different countries and regions. This significantly increases the target customer base and market opportunity.

Visitors are more likely to browse and shop on a website in their preferred language than one in an unfamiliar language. Providing content in native languages increases trust and engagement.

Providing a multilingual experience shows the business cares for inclusion and values all customers no matter where they are from. This helps build a superior brand image.

Additional Features

By offering many inbuilt features and functionalities of open-source eCommerce solutions, Bagisto has upgraded in form Bagisto2.o with more customized tools that enhance the business of the online store.

Octane Support

Octane support optimizes the rendering of web pages, resulting in faster loading times and better user experience.

It enhances overall website performance ensuring that pages load quickly and efficiently which is crucial for retaining user engagement.


Bagisto, the dynamic e-commerce solution, was instrumental in shaping the online car store presence of the VNEDOROGNIK store.

Its comprehensive functionality and versatility were crucial to effortlessly building our one-of-a-kind digital platform.

Bagisto has empowered numerous such enterprises in launching their ecommerce operations by utilizing various add-ons and plugins.

For inquiries about launching an identical online car store and starting your online business, please reach out to Bagisto’s sales team.

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