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United Arab Emirates

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Souq Naif, situated in the heart of UAE seamlessly blends modernity with tradition.

Originating as a camel market, it evolved into a market with a diverse range of products, from electronics to textiles.

The Dubai Municipality rebuilt Souq Naif into a mall-like space housing 200 different shops.

Souq extends its presence online by allowing customers to experience the unique fusion of history and affordability from any location.

Apart from that, Bagisto development services helped them with additional features and functionalities that they wanted on top of the Open Source platform.

UAE’s Retail Heritage Overview

In 2021, the UAE’s online retail market generated a revenue of 10 billion U.S. dollars, with forecasts indicating a growth of over 17 billion dollars by 2025.

According to Statista Digital Market Outlook. Retail e-commerce sales are projected to reach 12.5 percent of total retail sales by 2023.

Why did Souq Naif choose Bagisto?

Souq Naif felt that because they are only selling their products on their physical stores they are not able to gather as much reach as they expected.

They wanted to build an online marketplace to have an online presence so they could also sell their products on their online store to have more sales.

So they started doing an organic search and that’s when they came to know about Bagisto.

Bagisto is an open-source e-commerce platform built on the Laravel framework that is used to build a marketplace and is very scalable and reliable.

Bagisto was an ideal choice for souq naif that matched all of their business requirements.

Tradition and Technology Synchronized – Bagisto’s Role

Simplified Interface:

The Souq Naif online superstore, powered by Bagisto, boasts an intelligent user experience.

Customers can effortlessly browse product categories, accessing features and descriptions through the user-friendly interface.

The homepage distinguishes between categories, making it easily accessible for users, along with options for logging in and adding items to the cart.

Smooth Checkout Cart and Payment Option:

Streamlining the checkout process enhances user satisfaction and reduces cart abandonment rates.

A simplified payment process ensures a quicker and more efficient transaction, promoting sales.



Cart abandonment rates can be reduced by simplifying the payment process since less complicated and frustrating it is for users to abandon.

Arabic RTL Multilingual Compatibility:

Arabic RTL in Bagisto ensures a seamless experience for users across the Middle East and North Africa.

This bilingual function promotes accessibility, opening new markets for global participation and growth.

This bilingual function guarantees accessibility and opens up new markets for the user, which promotes worldwide participation.

Responsive Design:

Bagisto’s responsive design feature allows a great shopping experience across various devices.

Souq Naif customers could easily browse and make purchases on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, improving accessibility and satisfaction among shoppers.

Product Management

Bagisto’s product attributes and category options made it easy to categorize a wide range of products available at Souq Naif.

With Bagisto’s solution, Souq Naif easily enhanced its product catalog, according to consumer demands.

Also, Bagisto provides an interactive product page specially designed for a particular product that helps the shopper understand the product in detail.

From this page, the shopper can add products to the cart, add their quantity, and check their ratings.

product page

Security and Scalability

The Bagisto platform offers scalability that can handle large online traffic and thus makes the web page much more effective

Moreover, it is very secure and reliable to use for the customers.

souq naif

The platform’s built-in security measures, such as HTTPS encryption and secure payment gateways, protected Souq Naif’s customer data and transactions.

Additional Features:

Evolving into Bagisto 2.0, the platform offers solutions, enhancing the online store’s earnings with built-in features of open-source eCommerce platforms.

Built-in SEO Tools

Bagisto has built-in SEO tools that help increase organic traffic on a website and also increase the search engine ranking of the marketplace by optimizing it.

Octane Support:

Optimizing web page rendering with Octane support improves user experience, ensuring faster loading times and maintaining user interest and retention.


Bagisto was essential in helping Souq Naif rise to build an online retail store in the UAE.

Now Souq Naif can also sell its products on its online store which helps it increase its sales and expand its reach among customers.

Bagisto played a crucial role in elevating Souq Naif to the competitive online retail industry in the UAE.

Its features not only contributed to Souq Naif’s business development but also ensured a respectable image among its shoppers.

Bagisto provides the foundation for Souq Naif’s online retail in UAE, preserving the essence of its marketplace while adapting to the evolving needs of the modern consumer.




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