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Sarah Balaji is a Indian edible oil supplier that offers a variety of cooking oils and other food items to customers.

The company is located in Tamil Nadu and assists individuals in obtaining the necessary oils for preparing Indian cuisine and other dishes.

Indian Edible Oil Supplier

They supplies oils to many different customers, including restaurants, food manufacturers, and individual households.

Their commitment to quality in the edible oil industry has made them a respected brand among local food businesses.

Bagisto development services helped them by providing a robust online platform to expand their product reach to all over India.

Overview Of Edible Oil Market In India

The cooking oil market in India is huge as India is one of the largest edible oil consumer in the world.

According to Statista, In 2022, Indians consumed about 22 million tons of edible oils with majority of it being imported.

Indian Edible Oil Supplier

Experts predict that the Indian cooking oil market will grow about 6% annually from 2023 to 2028.

Different types of oils are used in India, with palm, soybean, and mustard oil being popular choices on e-commerce marketplaces.

This growth is because of growing awareness of health issues and benefits of healthy oils which is influencing oil purchasing decisions.

Major Challenges Faced By Sarah Balaji

Sarah Balaji faced challenges in boosting sales for their edible oil business, which led them to create an online store.

They needed a website to manage their cooking oils efficiently so that customers could easily find products online.

The online platform they wanted had to attract more customers and sales, with a user-friendly interface.

To achieve their goals, they chose Bagisto e-commerce as their eCommerce solution, which allowed their business to grow.

Bagisto provided them with the tools needed to oversee their oil products and customer demand effectively.

This case study will show how Bagisto helped Sarah Balaji speed up the process of launching their online edible oil store.

Easy Customization Options

Sarah Balaji wanted to tailor their store’s interface on Bagisto for an exceptional user experience.

Now, Sarah Balaji have the ability to personalize their websites in order to shine brighter than their competitors.


To enhance the way they showcase their products Bagisto also provides AR Commerce functionality to display product in real world environment.

Effortless Shopping

Bagisto’s responsive design guarantees a seamless shopping experience for customers, no matter what device they are using.

Indian Edible Oil Supplier

Indian Edible Oil Supplier

From mobile applications to desktop to tablet, Bagisto ensures a consistent shopping experience across all screen sizes.

Enhanced Catalog Management

Sarah Balaji can now effortlessly organize its wide range of products thanks to the streamlined catalog layout on Bagisto.

Indian Edible Oil Supplier category

With Bagisto’s platform, Sarah Balaji can now efficiently manage and display its extensive product range through the user-friendly catalog management system.

Scalability at its Best

Bagisto’s platform is designed for smooth scalability, enhancing the performance and loading time of Sarah Balaji’s website for a flawless user experience.

product scalability

Bagisto’s architecture is built to accommodate the growth of Sarah Balaji site, ensuring a seamless experience as the customer base grows.

SEO Boost

With Bagisto’s SEO tools, Sarah Balaji can improve its website ranking and drive organic traffic which increases customers and sales.

Improved User Engagement

Bagisto’s Octane Support enhances web page rendering, resulting in faster loading time and optimize performance that keep users engaged and eager to explore.

Final Words

Bagisto gave Sarah Balaji an advantage in the hyperlocal market, resulting in increased online sales.

Bagisto’s customizations have played a crucial role in the success of this Indian Edible Oil Supplier.

Bagisto features have contributed to the success of Sarah Balaji’s online store, allowing them to boost their online sales.

To further enhance your online presence, consider exploring additional Bagisto extensions.

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