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Seanusa is an Indonesian Seafood Store that deals in fresh and frozen fish that are collected from oceans and waters around the country.

The store offers a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood that have been frozen to stay fresh for a longer time.

At Seanusa, customers can also buy other seafood items like shrimp, crab, and squid that are used in various delicacies which are also available at the online food and grocery stores.

Indonesian Seafood Store

With their commitment to quality, they provide the best selection of fish in their store to provide the best seafood experience.

Bagisto development services helped them to generate more sales and revenue by taking their store online to boost their e-commerce capabilities.

The Indonesian Seafood Industry

Indonesia has more than 17000 islands and is one of the largest producers of seafood in the world.

According to Statista, the Indonesian seafood industry will generate a revenue of USD 30bn in 2024 with an annual growth rate of 5.27%.

Indonesian Seafood Store

The main types of seafood caught in Indonesia include tuna, shrimp, crab, squid, and many different kinds of fish.

Indonesian fishermen catch around 7 million tons of fish every year out of which over 1 million tons of seafood is exported to other countries.

With such an abundance of marine life, seafood trade in the eCommerce marketplaces will continue to grow in Indonesia.

What Challenges Did Seanusa Face?

Seanusa was facing challenges in growing sales in their physical outlet, so they decided to launch an online store.

With a large variety of products, they needed effective product management to ensure customers could find them on the platform without hassle.

They also needed a platform that could handle more customers and sales, with an easy-to-manage backend with the help of headless eCommerce.

To achieve these goals, they chose the Bagisto eCommerce as their solution, which helped them expand their business.

Bagisto provided them with the features they needed to manage their products and simplify backend operations efficiently.

In this case study, we’ll see how Bagisto helped Seanusa accelerate the process of bringing their store online.

Impressive User Storefront

The Bagisto online store provides an impressive user experience, making online shopping a pleasant and easy process for customers.

Seanusa Storefront

With a visually appealing storefront design, visitors are encouraged to explore the wide range of products and services available.

Meanwhile, it is also compatible with Live-streaming shopping that generates high-quality videos for marketing purposes further enhancing the platform.

Cross-Device Compatability

Bagisto ensures a seamless shopping experience across different devices, allowing customers to shop from mobile apps, laptops, tablets, etc.

seanusa mobile responsive

seanusa mobile responsiveness

Now Seanusa’s customers can shop from anywhere using any device without hassle.

Scalability and Security

As a robust e-commerce platform, Bagisto can handle heavy website traffic without compromising performance.

seanusa product

Its scalable architecture ensures smooth website operation, providing an optimal user experience.

Also, it has Blockchain eCommerce functionality that enables it to have a decentralized and peer-to-peer transaction to provide more security to the platform.

Seamless Checkout

Bagisto’s checkout procedure enhances the user’s buying experience by allowing customers to complete transactions securely and efficiently.

seanusa checkout

It also has a functionality to generate personalized checkout AI messages that enhance the customer experience on the platform

SEO Optimization

Bagisto comes with built-in tools for SEO Management, helping improve website ranking on search engines like Google

This makes the website more visible to potential customers who are searching online for related content.

Octane Support

Bagisto has Octane support which enables faster web page loading through cache management and optimizes the database queries.

This performance optimization keeps users engaged and interested when visiting the site providing a better shopping experience.

End Note

Seanusa can now achieve its growth objectives by reaching a bigger audience and increasing sales online for its hyperlocal customers.

Bagisto enhanced the user experience through customizations, which helped Seanusa in the competitive online market.

Seanusa’s success and the establishment of an online store required the use of Bagisto, which is extremely scalable and reliable.

Its characteristics established a reputation among its clients and contributed to the success of this Indonesian Seafood Store.

Take a look at further Bagisto extensions to enhance your web presence even more.

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