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Naira Markets is a business-to-business and business-to-customer (B2B2C) e-commerce nigerian online marketplace platform situated in Lagos, Nigeria.

It also offers a large selection of furniture, books, healthcare products, clothes, shoes, and much more. However, this website is operational; our developers are working on the backend of the site.

As soon as the products will available for purchase by users. It will be a customizable and user-friendly platform for users.

Naira-Market bagisto case study

It is also a global nigerian online marketplace for one-of-a-kind and innovative products.

From one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces to artistic treasures from Nigeria, it’s home to a universe of unique, remarkable stuff.

Customer-focused e-commerce platform dedicated to developing new and inventive methods to improve our consumers’ online buying experience.

E-commerce Sector In Nigeria

Nigeria’s digital economy is booming. The country boasts one of Africa’s most significant internet economies.

Nigeria has the largest population on the continent and among the youngest in the world, and it has a substantial internet viewership.

Nigeria boasts one of the best network coverages in Africa, as well as a robust mobile communication infrastructure.

Graph sector of ecommerce in nigerai bagisto

The percentage of people who use the Internet is around 70%, and it is expected to continue to rise. There are between 25 and 40 million smartphone users in Nigeria, according to different statistics.

Compared to desktop computers, mobile devices are used much more frequently to access the internet.

In 2019, mobile devices accounted for over 70% of internet access, with this percentage considerably greater when it comes to online marketplace visits.

How does Bagisto B2B Marketplace Extension help out?

The brand’s vision was to provide such a facility that local traders in the Nigeria area could easily onboard the marketplace & start selling their products.

They also wanted to provide all of those capabilities to a seller providing them autonomy in product/order admin while also giving the marketplace owner the opportunity to monitor everything.

bagisto case study

They discovered the Bagisto Advanced Multi-vendor marketplace module at that point. This was a fantastic combination for their concept, as it was really straightforward to use and control.

bagisto case study

The goal of naira markets was to create a unique B2B marketplace with features that would benefit both buyers and sellers.

bagisto case study register

Originally, Bagisto B2B Marketplace had many vital features for business buyers and suppliers.

  • Supplier order management and fulfilment.
  • Multi-vendor products checkout.
  • Support multiple payments and shipping methods.
  • Dedicated seller dashboard panel.
  • Bulk order quotation request system.
  • Vendor commission management by the admin.

bagisto case study nigeria

  • However, certain developments have been made in NairaMarket to deliver a well-defined B2B shopping experience for warehouse equipment and supplies.

Message To The Supplier

Bagisto B2B Marketplace allows each customer to send messages related to products to their catalog and offer them to customers from the same storefront.

bagisto case study

Vendors can manage their messages. Afterward, send the message to the seller according to the requirements as shown snapshot below.bagisto case study

Product Quote System

It was necessary to develop a comprehensive quotation management system that could handle a wide range of requests from both buyers and sellers.

Customers who are having trouble finding what they’re looking for on the marketplace have the option to seek quotes from a number of vendors.

bagisto case study

The Request a Quote button can be found by going to the category page, which then prompts the form to appear.

This generic quote is useful when buyers are looking for some custom equipment or services that are not listed in the store.bagisto case study

The quote request form is sent, either automatically or manually, to the relevant sellers after it has been approved by the admin.


When he first installed the program, the Bagisto team helped him with all of his concerns and queries regarding the configuration of the B2B marketplace.

Naira Markets is a B2B2C online platform now becoming more popular, because of the variety of products they have now.

Check out our extensive selection of feature-rich Bagisto apps and our Bagisto development services to learn more about the products and services we provide.

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