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Lamparuhaz is a Hungarian company specializing in a diverse range of lighting products.

They offer a variety of lamps and lights, catering to different needs such as ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps, and outdoor lighting solutions.

Lamparuhaz website homepage

In addition to their extensive lighting options, Lamparuhaz also features accessories and smart home lighting solutions.

Their products are aimed at enhancing both indoor and outdoor environments with stylish and functional lighting solutions.

They want to establish their online presence with an e-commerce website. Bagisto development services help them in establishing a successful e-commerce website that expands its consumer reach.

Lamparuhaz website homepage-2

Online Electronics Market in Hungary

According to the International Trade Organization, “The consumer electronics market in Hungary started to recover in 2021, after previous sluggish growth in consumer electronics spending.”

“Hungary’s e-commerce sector is growing rapidly, and Hungary is the 57th largest market for eCommerce with a revenue of over USD 2.4 billion in 2023.”

Hungary Electonics market

“Hungary’s domestic online retail turnover may increase 2.2 times by 2024.”

“According to Eurostat data, around 70% of Hungarians shopped online in 2022, a good increase compared to 49% in 2019.”

Challenges Faced by Lamparuhaz

Lamparuhaz wants to increase its customer reach and expand its business. To achieve this, they decided to sell through online channels.

However, they had no existing e-commerce platform, making it difficult for them to reach a broader audience and leverage online sales channels.

Therefore, they sought to develop an e-commerce website to sell their products online and manage a large number of customers.

They needed an e-commerce platform that allows them to access sales, product, and customer reports through the admin panel.

While searching online for solutions regarding their requirements, they discovered Bagisto and chose it to launch their online store.

In this case study, we’ll learn about the solutions provided by Bagisto to overcome Lamparuhaz’s challenges.

Interactive Front-End

Bagisto provides an interactive shopping experience and attracts first-time visitors with its visually appealing front end like the Marvel theme.

Lamparuhaz interactive front-end

It provides a fast and easy-to-use interface that improves the shopping experience for Lamparuhaz’s customers.

Catalog Management

Lamparuhaz gets the feature of Bagisto’s comprehensive catalog management system.

Bagisto’s product attributes and category options simplified the product categorization process for Lamparuhaz.

Lamparuhaz advance cagtalog management

It allows Lamparuhaz to successfully expand its product catalog to meet the evolving market needs accordingly.

Advance Product Filtering Options

Advanced filters enable customers to easily refine their search and locate products that meet their needs and requirements.

This improves the product search process and boosts order conversion rates on the platform.

Lamparuhaz advance product filtering

Advanced filtering bridges the product range with the specific needs of customers, making the e-commerce front end feel more personalized for every customer.

Enhanced SEO Tools

By utilizing Bagisto’s built-in SEO Management features, Lamparuhaz optimized its online store for search engines.

This ultimately led to improved online visibility and higher search engine rankings resulting in increased organic traffic.

Mobile Responsiveness

Bagisto provides a responsive design that ensures Lamparuhaz’s online store operates smoothly on various devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile apps.

Bagisto’s responsive design ensured an optimal shopping experience across various devices.

Lamparuhaz Mobile responsiveness

Lamparuhaz Mobile Responsiveness

This allows customers to easily browse their online store from anywhere and on any device.


Bagisto’s scalability feature ensures that Lamparuhaz’s website can handle high traffic and transactions without compromising the platform’s speed.

Lamparuhaz scalability

Bagisto offers flexibility to adapt and extend the platform according to Lamparuhaz’s business needs, thanks to its open-source architecture.

Easy Checkout Process

Bagisto provides an easy and quick checkout process for Lamparuhaz’s customers, making the online buying process more convenient for them.

Lamparuhaz easy checkout

Registered customers can seamlessly check out after adding products to their cart and selecting their respective payment methods.

Seamless Experience

Bagisto’s platform enhances its caching mechanism and optimizes database queries using the Octane Support feature which gives an improved performance.

The performance optimization results in reduced loading times that provides users with a better shopping experience.

Enhanced SEO

Lamparuhaz enhanced the search engine optimization of its online store by using Bagisto’s SEO management features.

Which leads to, enhancing their online visibility and achieving higher ranking in online search results.

Final Words

Bagisto played an important role in Lamparuhaz’s expansion by assisting them in the development of an e-commerce platform that fulfilled all their needs.

With the help of Bagisto, Lamparuhaz is now able to make its online presence and expand its business.

Lamparuhaz successfully launched an interactive and responsive e-commerce website that catered to its extensive product catalog and customer needs.

Lamparuhaz now positioning itself well within Hungary’s rapidly growing e-commerce market.

Bagisto can also provide additional extensions to Lamparuhaz if they need to add a specific feature in the future.

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