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Femto Scientific is a USA-based scientific equipment store that deals in laboratory equipment service and calibration materials.

They offer on-site maintenance services for laboratory equipment such as pipettes, balances, and centrifuges to ensure they meet international standards.

USA Scientific equipment store

Additionally, they have a facility where laboratories can ship their equipment for servicing with a quick turnaround time.

They are known for providing the best price point for high-quality equipment that is precise and exceeds customer expectations.

Femto Scientific enhanced its digital capabilities with the help of Bagisto development services, thereby strengthening its online presence.

Scientific Equipment and Calibration Industry

The Scientific Equipment and Calibration Industry has registered a rapid market revenue growth in the last few decades.

According to Arizton Advisory and Intelligence in 2022, the worldwide market for laboratory equipment services held a valuation of $15.00 billion.

However, this market is projected to experience substantial growth, anticipated to reach $28.68 billion by the year 2028.

USA Scientific equipment store

The rising technological advancements are leading to more complex and precise instruments that have created a huge demand in the market.

Many industries like aerospace, healthcare, and manufacturing require precise equipment and calibration that support the growth of the industry.

This market growth is driven by advancement in the development of equipment, with applications in clinical settings, research facilities, etc.

What Challenges Did Femto Scientific Faced?

Femto Scientific was unable to promote its brand to meet the rising demand for scientific equipment which resulted in countless missed business possibilities.

They wanted to grow their business by reaching more audiences and increasing their customer base to boost sales.

Their requirement was for an online platform that could showcase all of their services and reach a large audience.

So to bring their physical outlet online they decided to use Bagisto for their e-commerce website.

Bagisto is an open-source e-commerce platform built on the Laravel framework.

Let’s take a closer look at the functions and features of the store that Bagisto created to solve Femto Scientific challenges.

Captivating Storefront

Bagisto’s well-designed and interactive interface encourages visitors to stay and explore the website.


This visually appealing storefront attracts customers and provides a positive shopping experience which increases user engagement.

Impressive Catalog Management

A well-structured product catalog with appropriate labeling and classification will make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.


Effective catalog management streamlines operations and improves customer satisfaction, which promotes the growth of an online store.

Mobile Responsive Store

Bagisto’s Responsive themes provide a dependable and user-friendly shopping experience across a variety of devices for customers.

USA Scientific Equipment Store

USA Scientific Equipment Store

The website works seamlessly on mobile apps, desktops, and tablets, and adapts to all screen sizes of all devices.

Quick View Option

It streamlines the browsing experience, enabling shoppers to make informed decisions faster and more efficiently.


The quick view option reduces the number of page transitions and load times, improving overall site performance.

Advance Filter Option

Customers can search easily using advanced filters and identify the goods that closely fit their requirements.


Advanced filters make it easier for users to navigate a website by offering a logical and clear manner.

SEO Optimisation

Bagisto built-in SEO tools improve your site ranking in search engine result page which helps in improving conversion rate.

Compared to paid advertising, SEO management is a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your site by optimizing it for relevant keywords.

Octane Support

Bagisto’s Octane functionality helps to reduce the overall loading time of the website which results in performance optimization.

Its advanced caching mechanism and optimized database queries contribute to a smooth user experience for customers.

End Note

The growth of Femto Scientific’s online presence has been largely promoted by Bagisto’s eCommerce solution.

Key features such as an impressive storefront, advanced filter option, and SEO optimization contributed to an excellent user experience.

Bagisto enabled this USA Scientific Equipment Store to grow its customer base beyond its physical stores and helped meet its business requirements.

The versatile and powerful Bagisto platform enabled Femto Scientific to modernize its operations for the digital age.

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