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AZTECH: Kosova Leading Retail And Wholesale Now Launches an E-commerce Website



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AZTECH is a leading technology retailer in Kosovo with a network of stores across the country.

The company offers a diverse range of products, including information technology equipment, home appliances, electronics, white goods, and personal care equipment.

AZTECH has established its presence in the main cities of Kosovo and expanded its product range to include internationally recognized brands.

Brands include Samsung, Apple, Philips, Toshiba, Whirlpool, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Dell, HP and many others.

The company’s primary focus is on customer service and satisfaction.


As AZTECH’s business grew, the company realized the need to streamline their e-commerce operations to cater to the increasing demand for online shopping.

The company needed an online eCommerce website to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers.

AZTECH needed an online solution that could handle high traffic volumes and provide a user-friendly interface for customers.

E-commerce in Kosovo

According to the International Trade Administration, the following are the points which tell about Kosovo’s eCommerce:

According to Kosovo’s telecom regulator, over 90% of households use the internet regularly, and 92.3% of mobile users access mobile internet.

Despite high internet penetration, eCommerce is still developing. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased eCommerce experimentation in Kosovo.

The country follows EU standards for eCommerce and consumer protection, and popular international eCommerce sites ship limited goods to Kosovo.

Most online purchases are made through EU and US retailers, with payment methods including e-banking, credit cards, and cash-on-delivery domestically.

While third-party payment services like PayPal are limited, some users leverage neighboring country banks.


AZTECH approached Bagisto, an open-source e-commerce platform built on the Laravel framework.

Bagisto’s scalability and flexibility made it an ideal choice for AZTECH’s requirements and extended this Kosovo eCommerce website to the next level.

Interactive Homepage

The platform’s user-friendly interface and customization options allowed AZTECH to create a unique online shopping experience for their customers.

Categories and sub-categories on the homepage provide detailed information about the product and its availability.

Additionally, you may now benefit from a simplified order filter thanks to Bagisto’s new slider container layout.

The admin can easily apply many filters on a single page, which eliminates the need for them to sort through a large number of options.

Now for the backend too we have a dazzling new design for our admin dashboard, crafted with the smooth and versatile Tailwind CSS.

Our updated interface is not only visually stunning but also highly functional, thanks to Tailwind’s intuitive utility-based system.

Product Management

With Bagisto 2.0 Admin can easily modify prices, manage inventory, include new images, delete existing images, and remove selected variants.

Kosovo eCommerce website

Bagisto’s catalog management tools made it easy for AZTECH to display and organize its wide range of products.

With our new slider container structure, you can now enjoy a streamlined order filter. The admin is spared from having to pick between several possibilities.

Alternatively, the admin can just use several filters on a single page.

Multiple Extention Support

To enhance your website’s operation and features On top of the built-in features, Bagisto extensions offer additional functionality to enhance the interactivity of your website.

With more extensions, you can take your website to the next level and keep customers engaged.

Payment Integration

Bagisto integrates with numerous payment gateways and delivery services, making it simple for customers to order products and have them delivered.

Kosovo eCommerce website

This can enhance the general client experience and lessen friction in the purchasing process.

Full Page Cache Feature

The Full-Page Cache increases the speed of your online store.

It’s a revolutionary technology that boosts the functionality of your website.

Rather than creating every webpage from the beginning, we save whole web pages in an incredibly quick cache.

It helps with quicker load times, more seamless navigation, and an all-around more enjoyable shopping experience.


The implementation of Bagisto resulted in significant improvements in AZTECH’s e-commerce operations.

The platform’s scalability and performance allowed AZTECH to handle high traffic volumes during peak sales periods.

With more features and capabilities above the open-source eCommerce solution, Bagisto development services assisted in enhancing their online visibility.

The user-friendly interface and customization in this Kosovo eCommerce website provided a seamless shopping experience for customers.

By integrating Tailwind CSS into Bagisto 2.0, e-commerce enterprises can benefit from a simpler, faster, and more flexible platform.

Thank you for reading this case study if you want to develop a similar Kosovo eCommerce website like this, please contact the Bagisto team.

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