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Al Habeeb Market is an Egypt supermarket physically situated in Upper Egypt since 2008. It has 4 branches all over the Qena and Red Sea governorate.

It offers many categories including food, Beverages, cleaning and Household, Groceries, Clothing, and much more.

This superstore is a one-stop solution for all the consumers of Egypt fulfilling their product needs.

AlHabeeb also serves as an Egypt online supermarket that is globalizing its products. Also creating a new era of online retail market all over Egypt.

E-commerce and Retail Sector in Egypt

Despite, the challenges of the pandemic, Egypt stands out as one of the few emerging markets. It has managed to keep its GDP growth positive.

As of 2020 the country’s retail market was worth approximately $200bn and predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 5% in 2020-25 to reach $254bn.

According to ECDB, In the Egyptian retail market, the online share is 2.6% and will grow by an average of 5.4% to 3.3% by 2027.

This shows a great opportunity for online e-commerce marketplaces. These projections highlight the continued growth and importance of the eCommerce market.

With a strong annual growth rate of 14.41%, businesses operating in this space have a real opportunity to capitalize on this trend.

Furthermore, the growing number of users along with increasing user penetration, indicates that consumers are becoming more comfortable with online shopping.

Also, eCommerce will continue to play an important role in the Egyptian retail landscape.

AlHabeeb – Key aspects and operational functions

Simplified Interface

AlHabeeb is an online superstore website developed on Bagisto that offers a visually tempting and insightful user interface.

Consumers can easily go through the website and explore the different categories of products. The website interface is very easy to navigate through the product’s features and description.

For instance, the homepage of the website differentiates the product categories which are easy to access by the customers.

On the top of the homepage, log-in and cart options are available along with the search products option.

Product Management

Bagisto allows insightful product features building and management of the product listing, editing, and describing of categories of products.

This website has a unique feature of search by image option where uploading the image of the product directly lands to the product details and availability.

The website gives a comprehensive detailed listing of subcategories of products with high-quality images and proper price listing along with coupon code options.

Social Login feature

With social login integration in Bagisto, customers can quickly sign up on the Al Habeeb Market. The new users can either use their Google or Facebook accounts.

Additionally, integrating a two-step verification process with OTP ensures a highly secure login mechanism.

This feature in Bagisto strengthens user identification by verifying their identity through OTP sent to their registered mobile number adding an extra layer of protection.

Selecting Nearest Store

Al Habeeb Market web store has provided a unique feature of selecting your nearby store location which allows customers to find available products with quick delivery.

Choose your nearest branch at the start of the homepage, this function saves time for the customer and manages the availability of the desired products.

Arabic RTL Multilingual Compatibility

The multilingual support is evidence of inclusivity and global reach. With Arabic RTL in Bagisto provides a seamless experience for users around the Middle East and North Africa region by offering content in multiple languages.

This multilingual feature ensures accessibility and enables the user to tap into diverse markets, ultimately driving engagement and growth on a global scale.

Checkout process and Secure payment option

The streamlined checkout process, coupled with a wide array of secure payment options is the keystone of the site’s success. Simplifying the path to purchase and offering a range of trusted payment methods gives customers a sense of trust in the brand.

This feature prioritizes customer convenience and security resulting in increased conversion and customer satisfaction.

Why did Al Habeeb Market choose Bagisto?

Bagisto not only offers a cost-effective solution but also provides the flexibility to customize and scale the e-commerce store. It is Built on the top of the Laravel stack and has a fast time-to-market and simple product information management.

Bagisto’s extensive feature set, coupled with its modular architecture allows for the creation of a customized online shopping experience for customers.


Thank you for reading this case study of Al Habeeb Market. With this, you can see how Bagisto has helped to build a successful Egypt online supermarket for shoppers.

Check out more case studies and success stories to know more about how Bagisto’s open-source e-commerce platform is converting traditional retail stores into digital commerce storefronts.

If you would like to build a similar Egypt online supermarket, then please contact the Bagisto sales team.

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