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Ace Furniture: Nigerian Furniture Store Expands Business with Bagisto’s E-Commerce Solutions


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Ace Furniture is a Nigerian furniture store specializing in selling high-quality office and home furniture like chairs, tables, desks, etc.

The company sources its furniture from top manufacturers known for their durable construction and stylish designs.

They make furniture shopping easy with competitive prices and have many options to suit customers’ tastes and requirements.

Nigerian Furniture Store

Their knowledgeable staff guides customers through the selection process, helping them choose furniture that fits their space and budget.

Bagisto Development Services helped them build an online platform for their business to generate more revenue and sales.

Home and Office Furniture Market in Nigeria

The furniture industry in Nigeria is a growing business sector in the last few decades.

According to Statista, the furniture production industry employed over 200,000 people in 2022 and contributed around 1.5% to Nigeria’s GDP.

Nigerian Furniture Store

Many Nigerian e-commerce marketplaces sell furniture to meet the increasing demand from homes, offices, schools, and other places.

However, imports still make up a significant portion of the furniture supply, especially for high-end products.

The Nigerian government has made efforts to promote local furniture to create more jobs and revenue in this industry.

What Challenges Did Ace Furniture Face?

Ace Furniture faced challenges in expanding its business reach and increasing overall sales through its physical outlet alone.

Their primary objective was to implement a online robust platform that could seamlessly handle growing customers and sales as their business grew.

They wanted to have a user-friendly interface that could effectively showcase and manage their extensive product catalog for customers.

To overcome these hurdles, they decided to establish an online store and chose to adopt the Bagisto eCommerce extension as their e-commerce solution.

In this case study we’ll look at the features of Bagisto that helped Ace Furniture to overcome these challenges and establish a successful online store.

Visually Attractive Storefront

Bagisto’s beautifully crafted and interactive interface offers a delightful shopping experience, making visitors stay and explore the website.

Bagisto Storefront

It also permits merchants to effortlessly integrate live stream commerce and generate high-quality videos for marketing purposes, making it suitable for any live streams, webinars, and more.

This gives a strong impression to first-time visitors as it gives a sense of legitimacy and professionalism.

Search and Filter Options

Bagisto’s Advanced filters help customers quickly narrow down their search and find products that best match their specific criteria.

This helps in the buying process as people can search faster for products, leading to higher order conversion rates on the platform.

Bagisto search and filter

It provides a logical way for the customers to explore the products that match their specific shopping requirements.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Bagisto’s design is flexible and adjusts to fit different screens, so customers can shop whenever they want, whether they’re using mobile apps, desktops, or tablets.

mobile responsiveness

mobile responsiveness

This means that no matter what device they have, they can easily browse and make purchases from their online platform.

Smooth Checkout Process

Bagisto offers a streamlined checkout process, enhancing the online shopping experience for Ace Furniture customers.

This simplified checkout page reduces form fields for the customer, enabling swift purchases while shopping from their platform.

Bagisto checkout page

A real-time checkout message can also be created using Bagisto’s AI Checkout message to give a more personalized experience to the shoppers.

Built-in SEO Tools

Bagisto helps improve a website’s search engine ranking and visibility on the browser using built-in SEO Optimisation tools.

This makes the website more visible in search results, leading to more people visiting the website through organic search.

Octane Support

Bagisto’s Octane Support enhances the user experience by implementing an improved caching mechanism and optimizing database queries.

This results in faster website loading times and performance optimization which ultimately leads to increased customer engagement and higher sales on the platform.

End Note

In conclusion, Bagisto has helped Ace Furniture achieve its e-commerce objectives for business expansion.

Bagisto provides an impressive storefront that is easy to navigate, delivering a pleasant shopping experience for customers.

With Bagisto’s which is also available as a SaaS eCommerce, Ace Furniture has been able to showcase its wide range of office furniture products online.

Bagisto has empowered this Nigerian Furniture Store to overcome challenges and accomplish its business goals of increasing sales and reach within the competitive furniture industry.

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