How to Build Pinduoduo Like Social Commerce Platform Using Bagisto?

Updated 27 April 2023

Pinduoduo is a Chinese eCommerce platform that was founded in 2015. It offers a shopping mobile app where users can buy products at a discounted price by grouping with other buyers.

The platform started with agricultural products, so the farmers can direct supply their food to consumers. Also, the farmers can increase their income without paying extra to a third party.

Now the company provides many products like clothing, electronics, home goods, and more. In 2021, Pinduoduo became one of the largest eCommerce companies in China.

In this article, we will examine Pinduoduo’s approach, which plays a role in its success and growth.

How Pinduoduo Becomes The Latest Ecommerce Platform In China?

Pinduoduo’s success contributes to many factors, such as the new idea model and marketing. The best feature of this eCommerce platform is its “Group Buy” system. It allows shoppers to invite people in bulk to purchase products at a discounted price.

The platform also offers other features to Chinese consumers. That includes free shipping, flash sales, and selling products at low prices. Pinduoduo has adopted social commerce strategy via platforms like WeChat and Weibo to promote its products and services.

Pinduoduo focuses on serving small cities and rural areas. Because few eCommerce companies supply their food items to rural areas.

Pinduoduo’s success has been noticed by everyone, and the company has raised billions of dollars in funding from venture capital firms and other investors.

Features Of The Pinduoduo Social Commerce Platform

Let us find out some important aspects of Pinduoduo that we can also adopt in our own social commerce platform.

Group-Buying Model

One of the Pinduoduo App features is its group-buying model. This model allows users to buy products in groups. Because when products buy in bulk, customers will get a discount on the price.

The group-buying model is popular among users, as its the opportunity to save money on bulk purchases.

Social Commerce

Pinduoduo has integrated social commerce features into its platform. It allows users to share products with friends and family. The platform also provides successful referrals to share products with their network.

Its connection with social media helped build a strong focus among its users. So, this is the factor in its success and growth.

Rural Market Focus

Pinduoduo has focused on reaching the rural area, where other eCommerce companies are not available. So, by targeting the rural areas market, Pinduoduo has been able to concentrate on a large and growing user base.

The platform’s focus is on the rural market. That also helped it to differentiate itself from other eCommerce sellers in China.

Marketing And Promotion

Pinduoduo has invested in marketing and promotion to increase brand awareness and user interaction. Also, the platform has done marketing campaigns that have helped it to reach a large and growing audience.

Pinduoduo’s marketing efforts appreciate for building the brand and increasing growth.

Strategic Partnerships

Pinduoduo has developed partnerships with leading brands and merchants. Pinduoduo offers lots of products at low prices to make partnerships reliable.

Also, these partnerships allow the platform to expand its product with different companies. You can run your eCommerce store from any device like smartphones and tablets.

Continuous Innovation

To improve the features of the platform, Pinduoduo is experimenting with new idea models and functions. The platform’s continuous innovation has helped it to stay ahead and customers to expand with new things.

And because of its innovative ideas, Pinduoduo becomes the leader in the Chinese eCommerce market.

How Bagisto Can Build A Pinduoduo Like Platform?

Bagisto is an open-source laravel eCommerce platform. It provides more features and functionalities that can help build an Amazon-like eCommerce website. Here are some ways in which Bagisto can help:

  1. Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support: With Bagisto, you can create an eCommerce platform. Also, it supports many currencies and languages, making it easy for a global audience.
  2. Mobile-Responsive Design: Bagisto provides a mobile-responsive design. And it has its own Laravel native mobile app to start your online business. So, you can manage your eCommerce platform from other devices like smartphones and tablets.
  3. Multi-Vendor Support: You can start your online business with Bagisto Multi-Vendor Marketplace. And allowing vendors to create their stores in the eCommerce platform.
  4. Payment Gateway Integration: Bagisto has payment integration including PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. These are the payment options that make purchases easy for customers.
  5. Order Management: Bagisto provides an order management system. Also, it helps you keep track of orders, shipments, and returns.
  6. Open-Source: Bagisto is open-source, meaning it is free to use and can customize to meet your specific needs.


Pinduoduo continues growing as a leader in the Chinese eCommerce market. The platform’s focus on the rural market and social media features set it apart from other eCommerce players in China. Likewise, you too can also start your own social commerce platform with Bagisto.

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