Why You Should Change Your Old POS to Mobile POS

Updated 20 January 2020

Do your current POS system support marketing, accounting, and security? No? Maybe it’s time to make the switch to a mobile POS. An old POS can be nothing more than an idle piece of software.

This article lists some reasons to invest in a new mobile POS investment. Discover how mobile POS systems can transform your restaurant or small business for the better.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Consider the costs of the POS system you currently have. Think about how often you need repairs or order supplies. With a mobile system, you don’t have to worry about updates. It will require less maintenance than mechanical POS. Most mobile systems don’t require on-site service either.

Better Payment Experience

Payment methods mean the world to the customer experience, especially if you’re running a restaurant. The payment stage of an eatery experience is crucial. Patrons are ready to leave before most staff deliver their checks. However, mobile payment options turn a ticking time bomb into a retention tool.

More and more companies than ever are offering pay-from-home mobile options that allow customers to order ahead of time. This makes the customer experience better and opens up a new channel for sales. You can offer coupons and loyalty benefits through these systems as well.

Clients also enjoy paying on table-based devices because they don’t have to wait for the check. They can get their receipt by email and see orders itemized.

Provides Business-Ready Data

Do you want to calculate sales and order trends? If you’re using an old POS system with an Excel spreadsheet, know that those days are over. Mobile POS systems support business tools that give you a holistic view of performance.

Tendencies help you make marketing decisions and identify top hours of performance. You can use this data to create food and beverage specials, better offers, and loyalty programs.

What about your company as a whole? Mobile POS software gives you an overview of your expenses and benefits. You can make wiser financial decisions with direct support from a POS system.

More Efficient

How much paperwork is actually bogging your establishment down? Leading POS software links all of your teams to the same system. This helps you remove workplace ambiguity.

Prevents Theft and Human Error

In 2014, almost a third of all data breaches were POS-related. There are many different types of data breaches. This shows how vulnerable most POS systems can be. A new mobile POS investment will definitely outweigh the costs of a potential disaster. Small companies are frequent targets of a cyber attack. If your security level isn’t great, don’t wait to find out.

Better Customer Engagement

You don’t need an old and idle POS. It should actively support business growth. You can channel key customer engagement techniques with modern POS technology.

This is how to go about this. Start by including an optional survey after each meal. You can align the timing and orders of each party with survey data. This will provide critical insight into regular customers and performance.

What can a business owner or manager do with that kind of performance data? You could automate special offers for regular or unsatisfied customers. Pick out their favorite food items to incentivize them to come back.

Can your patrons sign up for loyalty programs via your POS software? Make sure they have that option at every interaction. If you get a mobile POS, make sure they can do it online.

Mobile POS

Update Your POS System To Keep Up With The Latest Trends in Your Sector

You’re probably still saying to yourself: I have been using this POS for so long. Why do I need to change it? It’s still working, even if it does not accept all of the latest payment methods.

Businesses across the USA – and smaller ones in particular – are rushing to change their POS systems in an attempt to keep up with the changing demands of their customers and the ever-evolving security standards. In essence, your business will grow if, and only if, you can keep up with the industry-related best practices for POS operation and security.

A Mobile POS Will Let You Spend More Time with Clients

The first step towards offering a great experience is providing your guests with a wide variety of convenient payment options. Why not avail of the latest technology? Whether you manage a chain or a single outlet, mobile POS software that accepts a wide variety of card and electronic payments is always a plus.

Having a Modern POS Is Crucial In the Hospitality Industry

Running a café, restaurant, bar, or pizza place is a 24/7 job. It includes multitasking and paying attention to lots of factors at the same time. You need to employ and manage kitchen and servers and get them to work well together. You need to make sure that your meals taste the same day after day, week after week, and so on.

This is required if you want to keep your guests happy. At the same time, you need to make sure that you’re in line with the latest industry trends to stay abreast of the competition.

And as you make your plan for the day, be it accounting or inventory management or managing incoming supplies, your guests’ satisfaction matters most. You need to offer a fantastic experience at your outlet.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t thought about making the leap to a mobile point-of-sale device, now is the time. Mobile payments and other new payment types are indicative of the direction, in which the whole retail and hospitality industry is now heading nationwide. Many companies may have to consider such a move for themselves.

The vast majority of companies in the USA now accept EMV, because most of their customers own at least one EMV card. A lot of them have several in their wallets.

To make a long story short, payment methods now come in many unconventional forms and the more your company can process, the better that is for your business.

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