What’s New in Bagisto v1.3.0?

Updated 2 March 2021

Hey guys, welcome back to another article, in this article, I am going to cover what is new in Bagisto v1.3.0

Firstly I want to thank all our Laravel Community, Developers, beginners, and our respective customers for their support and love for Bagisto.

Continuous improvement is necessary for processes to remove inefficiencies and getting good results.

Now, lets’ move on to the Agenda of this article is “What is new in Bagisto v1.3.0”?

Here Are The Beautiful And New Features That we Are Introducing in Bagisto v1.3.0

PayPal Smart Button

Now with the introduction of the PayPal Smart Payment Button in Bagisto, your customers will experience effortless and straightforward payment leading to quick conversion.


This is a rapid-paying method for customers. The customers using PayPal also get all the advantages associated with the payment service.

The customer will get the PayPal pop-up to login into their account and will make the payment.


Moreover, to successfully use this you have to get some credentials from their PayPal account.

Which you can get from the respective link https://developer.paypal.com/home such as Client ID and Secret ID as you can see in the below snapshot.


After that, the user will mention all the required details in the below section to configure PayPal Smart Button.


Email Marketing-Newsletter

We have come up with this feature which allows you to send the newsletter to your valuable customers and tell them about the latest offers, news updates.

Also, send your best wishes on their birthdays, such newsletters connect them with you and acknowledge your services.


The newsletter is considered to be the most inexpensive source of marketing which reaches the masses in a single click.

Screenshot (3)

The admin can send a newsletter or promotional emails easily by setting a cron scheduler, even festive offer emails can be created at a time and future dates can be set to send them.


In addition to this, the Customers can subscribe to the newsletter during sign-up and can also register later. Customers can also unsubscribe with a single click.

Enhancement in Customer Group Pricing/Discounted Price on Product Page

Group pricing is one of the most proven and effective strategies in enhancing eCommerce pricing strategies.

Here the admin can set the specific pricing for your specific customer groups, and it will certainly make your products more appealing to customers‘ requirements and expectations.

Also, on the product page, you can show your customer a more discounted price with different quantities.


Here you can easily attract your customer by giving different pricing for your product to your store group.


Control on Displaying of out of stock Product

Now the user can easily control the display of out-of-stock on their storefront.


The user can go to the configure section to manage this functionality, where they can control showing or hiding the out of stock product over their website.


As a seller, we always want to show our customers the products we have in our store.

If customers want to purchase a product that is currently out of stock in your store then from a buyer’s perceptive it is frustrating.

Moreover, if this happens with the same customer more than once, this customer will just go to another store if your product is not unique for him.

After that, they will go and google it to see who does have that product and you could lose sales altogether.

Minimum Order Amount

This configuration allows the user to specify the minimum order amount to their store. After that, for the customer, it will necessary to meet their order subtotal to make a successful purchase.


In the below snapshot you can easily check that how a user can manage this setting under the configure section.


Add Video of Your Product

If you are an entrepreneur and starting your eCommerce business for the first time.

So there are many essential things that you should consider to attract the customer to your online store, and product video playing a vital role in that.

The video of a product will help you to highlights your product’s features and shows it in action.


Also, you can easily add the product video less than 2MB while adding the product to your store.


 Maintenance Mode

Now the user can easily use maintenance mode if they need briefly to take his site offline to make changes or updates.


Moreover, the maintenance mode will also let search engines know that your site is currently down.

It does this by returning the header code 503. That way, your site’s SEO won’t be affected by the downtime.

Also, the user can easily manage this configuration under the channels.


Useful Settings

Now you can easily control your store through the admin panel with some respective portions such as:


You can enable and disable these options based on your preference or business need.

Buy Now at Product Page

Now the user can easily enable/disable the Buy Now Button for both themes under the bagisto configuration.


After that, the customer can easily make the checkout from the product page only.



laravel Debugger Mode

This feature allows you to see the module section under the web debug toolbar, this will help the developer/users to see all the packages they are using inside the Webkul folder.


The default channel is now locale-based

With the help of this feature, you can easily manage your channel settings based on your preferred locale.


Google Core Web Vital

Your website core web vital score is based on 3 factors as Larger Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift.


Thanks for reading the article about “What is new in Bagisto Version 1.3.0”.

Also, still, if you have any issue also feel free to add a ticket at https://bagisto.uvdesk.com/en/



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