What to expect from IndiaOS Conference – 2020?

Updated 9 January 2020

Countdowns begin for IndiaOS Conference-2020.

This is really awesome to hear about the First IndiaOS Conference-2020. The conference will be on 18 Jan 2020 in Bengaluru the fifth-most populous startups and technology agglomeration in India.


IndiaOS is an open-source community conference that is held to bring software developers, policymakers, communities, and enthusiasts together. Therefore they all can learn also to inspire each other.

Agenda for IndiaOS Conference – 2020

  • FOSS Product Showcase
  • Deep Dive of Issues and Trends in Open Source
  • Interaction with the larger FOSS community
  • Sustaining FOSS
  • FOSS and India


Why Attend IndiaOS Conference – 2020 | Bengaluru

IndiaOS-2020 is organizing to share knowledge. Where leaders in different industries will share their experience in FOSS in order to come together as a community to take it forward.


Moreover, there will be different talks on business and technology from the heads and developers of Open Source Software.


This will be an excellent opportunity to learn from the experts of the industry who will be sharing their views on Open Source.

Also, this wonderful event is organized and hosted by Frappe Technology and Zerodha.

Meet Mr. Rushabh Mehta Founder & CEO of Frappe Technology, also the company behind the popular opensource ERP platform ERPNext.

rushabh maheta

In IndiaOS-2020 there will be different talks like:

Also many other inspiring talks on values of open source in modern software development.

Bagisto at IndiaOS-2020

Bagisto is a laravel eCommerce Open-Source Platform. We feel glad to be selected in IndiaOS-2020. Especially our team is super excited to be there and present their views on FOSS.


Most importantly, Jitendra Singh | Lead Software Engineer and Saurav Pathak | Product Evangelist from Bagisto will be there to attend the event IndiaOS 2020.

We are so glad to get such an opportunity to give Talk at IndiaOS on “Open Source Success Story of Bagisto”.

Here Saurav Pathak will be discussing mainly on the current situation of the Indian Opensource ecosystem and also the growth story of bagisto.

Stay tuned for our talk at 02:30 PM to 02:45 PM.


Also, see you there at IndiaOS 2020 in Bengaluru.


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