“Sesame” A Virtual Appointment for HealthCare Marketplace

Updated 4 July 2022

Sesame is the Healthcare Marketplace that delivers convenient, full-scope medical care to millions of people at affordable prices.

It is a startup that addresses the health concerns of people with its online medical care treatment. Sesame mission is simple to make quality healthcare more accessible affordable and transparent.

Overview Of Sesame Healthcare Marketplace 

Sesame health care marketplace platform brings together providers and directly pays patients with upfront prices and a clear description of their medical services to connect providers and patients.

Moroever, At the time of social distancing, they introduce the sesame virtual appointments an easy-to-use service that enables any Licensed medical provider in the U.S. 

Sesame introduced the convenient self-on-boarding tool by which you can easily create an account over the platform and add additional providers’ information including mid-level in your practice and set your pricing once the sesame team verifies the credentials of the providers.  

How Sesame Health Marketplace Got Started

Sesame began in 2019 with a direct-pay approach to link patients to in-person and virtual care.

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Sesame has grown 25 times in the last year and gained over 1,000 new providers on its network throughout all 50 states, according to the business.

Sesame was developed by David Goldhill, a business leader and healthcare reform champion, to help link people and providers directly by giving clear, cheap prices and service descriptions.

Features Of Sesame Medicare Marketplace 

How does a Healthcare Marketplace Operate? 

Sesame CEO Daniel develops a marketplace model for healthcare.

This Marketplace makes healthcare into a consumer good like any other by making the public directly responsible for its purchase.

Clients visit it with a specific purchase in mind, like with many purchasing experiences on marketplaces today. On Sesame, it is a medical issue they want to handle, and Sesame created its marketplace to connect those consumers with the correct care for that issues.

Hence, while providing complete transparency about the cost of that service.

The major goal of Seasme was not to replace the middlemen in the healthcare system but to streamline the flow and the layers connected with enabling care.

Services Provided By Seasme Healthcare Marketplace

Urgent Care

Within minutes, you can see a qualified nurse or doctor.

Prescription Refills

Asthma, fever, rash treatment, and more all come under this section.

Telehealth Appointment

High blood pressure, depression, and other conditions come to this section.

Mental Wellness

Connect directly with professional therapists, doctors, and providers licensed in New York in this section

What types of expertise does Sesame provide?

Sesame makes it easy and cheaper than ever for patients to locate reliable specialists for online appointments as well as in-person visits across 80+ disciplines.

Primary care, radiology, mental health, dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology, and other specialties are all mentioned on Sesame.

How Bagisto Can Help You To Develop Your Own Healthcare Marketplace.

Using Bagisto, you can build your own Healthcare Marketplace from scratch.

We provide technology and platforms to the client so that they can easily meet the team of healthcare experts, doctors, and visionaries forging healthcare’s future.

To scale the firm, we create an online marketplace for B2B and B2C transactions. Partnerships are more crucial in the rapidly rising fields of digitization and networking. This can help your company expand globally.


Finally, a good healthcare marketplace is crucial for reducing family burdens and contributing to national growth.

If you are looking for Seasme Like Health care Marketplace, please contact us. Consider Bagisto if you want to expand the functionality of your Healthcare Marketplace.

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