Top 7 Futuristic eCommerce Technology Trends to Watch

Updated 18 August 2022

Technological innovations are ruling the world, and with innovations, there is a paradigm shift in how businesses work. You need to know more about the Top 7 Futuristic eCommerce Technology Trends to Watch.

With time, businesses adopt new technology to stay ahead in the game. eCommerce tech trends have a significant impact on buying behavior of the customers.

Due to updated trends, more people opt for online purchases rather than going to local stores.

Further, technology will influence customer demands and preferences. According to stats, in 2024, the eCom business will reach 5.4 trillion U.S dollars.

So, whether you have been in the eCom business or planning an eCom store, you need to know about Futuristic Ecommerce Technology Trends.

Top 7 Futuristic eCommerce Technology Trends to Watch:

Need for customization

Customization is the number one trend in the eCommerce business right now. Most customers visit the store for a relevant shopping experience based on their preferences.

Plus, according to stats, more than 70% of customers ignore offers that aren’t customized. They don’t engage with the site or brand that doesn’t offer them personalization.

Customization is indeed a significant part of eCom and should be integrated as the tech trend, but first, it’s vital to understand customers’ behavior and needs.

Most eCom stores capture users’ actions and create a pool of insight they can use for customization.

Besides, AI and ML help drive customer behavior patterns while interpreting the data with the cycle of possibilities and expectations. Big data has made customization a norm in business.

AI chatbots 

AI chatbots are the new trend in the eCommerce industry. More so, virtual assistants like Alexa and Amazon echo are integrating to help boost the brand image of the site.

And with improvised versions, the customers will get the best of what they are looking for.

Plus, the chatbots help customers with their queries and offer a solution in real-time. From recommending purchases to scheduling tasks, AI chatbots have made things easier for the eCommerce sector.

Additionally, the algorithms and insights driving the chatbots evolve with the increasing security and dominance. AI chatbots are the best way to boost sales for an eCommerce website.

Omnichannel presence 

Cross channel research is the new habit of customers shopping online. They consider many factors before making that final purchase.

Besides, the stats show that more than 90% of customers expect smooth interaction across multiple platforms online.

Ideally, this highlights the importance of omnichannel presence in online business. Right technology means providing the customers with their needs and giving them recommendations.

Some technologies work in an interconnected journey like – video chats, co-browsing, screen sharing, and document integration.

eCommerce companies must use the right omnichannel to set a trend. The trend should provide customers with what they need.

Image search 

Voice search has become a constant feature on online eCom stores. By 2022, voice shopping is expected to reach up to $40 billion.

However, most eCommerce businesses are integrating with image search technology so that customers can use pictures to find products they are interested in.

Besides; they can find similar examples of products on the site.

For instance, if a user sees a pretty couch, but the cost is too high, integrating image search on your site will allow you to pick up the sale the user is searching for.

Simply put, it can boost engagement and create better business opportunities for an eCommerce store.

AR and VR 

When you talk about the game-changing trends, how can you forget AR and VR? These two technologies offer the best-amalgamated features and functions to help your eCommerce store scale higher.

AR helps shoppers across the globe to visualize different products. It helps online stores solve their real-world problems without effort.

On the other hand, Virtual reality offers online stores to provide updated products that can help the customers to make better purchase decisions.

According to the predictions, more than 30% of customers will buy products online if they get virtual assistance.

Only 22% of buyers will be less likely to visit a retail store to buy products if AR technology is integrated with shopping.

These real-time predictions indicate that AR and VR are the two technologies eCommerce stores will integrate for seamless services.

Additionally, the right use of technology can make a difference in the way people shop for products online. It can be a driving factor for sales for the eCommerce store.

Efficient checkout process

When a user abandons a cart, the eCommerce site loses a sale, affecting conversion rates. According to data, more than 70% of people abandon carts globally – highlighting the problem is big.

One main reason why customers abandon the cart is the checkout process. Irrespective of the lead and marketing, users may still abandon the cart.

Following this, it is essential to embrace technology that provides effective solutions for checkout.

To make the checkout process efficient, you need to use speedy mobile payment solutions like Android pay and Apple pay.

Try providing a single-page hassle-free checkout process, making it easier for the customers.

Enable the credit and debit card feature on your E-store, which will enable your customers to make repeat purchases on the site.

Integrating with the new technologies will help to solve the abandonment problem and increase sales.

Conversational Marketing 

Conversational marketing has opened new doors for marketers and websites. It helps in two-way communication and creates opportunities for eCommerce success.

Besides, getting information from the customers firsthand is a smart way to know what the customers prefer.

With real-time and one-to-one conversations, marketers can understand the customers’ needs. Conversational marketing includes – chatbots, mobile messaging, and live chat.

Chatbots are the best way to handle multiple conversations at a single time. Plus, it provides potential customers with answers based on the knowledge pool from multiple platforms.

Through live chat, the support team can communicate with customers in real-time. Also, it initiates chat invitations to potential customers. Mobile messaging helps to reach out to new customers.

Wrapping up

The success of an eCommerce store depends on the technology it uses. However, it is significant to understand the concepts of new technologies that will help deliver improved services to new customers.

Various Technology stacks including programming languages and Frameworks are available for enhancing eCommerce Development. These technologies will surely help you in Effective eCommerce Development.

Apart from this, it is also important to keep optimizing your eCom Web or App to sustain and keep enhancing your presence in the eCommerce market, so these technology stacks can help you in optimizing Website Performance.

So, that was much about “Top 7 Futuristic eCommerce Technology Trends to Watch” for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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