The emergence of Short videos and their impact on social Commerce

Updated 27 September 2022

Short video applications are a sensation for brand awareness and social commerce on social media nowadays. Social media platforms have become essential to digital marketing for brands to sustain themselves in the market.

The craze of reels and short videos on social media platforms is increasing rapidly so is the competition to reach out to the right audience. 

Most social media platforms have already adopted short video features such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Tiktok is the most crowd-pleasing short video platform. It has acquired a large user base looking for the right customers or products.

Initially, there were no options to tag products or show catalogs on TikTok, but the TikTok developers have now developed these features. Now you can tag products and bring your online store to TikTok. 

On the application, one can post short videos explaining their products or services. Once the video player stops, the Contact us, Visit the store, etc. button appears so that customers can go to the respective page and buy the products.

That is the smooth way to demonstrate the product and get a potential customer. TikTok has reported the largest number of downloads in the year 2020. The download number has been growing since then. So for a brand or advertisers, it is the right place to advertise and visualize the potential customers.

People nowadays spend less time on a particular content if they do not find it interesting They like to explore and attend more in less time. 

Short videos are emerging rapidly to fulfill the market demand.

The research shows that short videos or reels have more views than traditional long video content. YouTube is mainly known for its standard long videos, but now it also has the short-video feature where one can post 30-60 seconds videos. 

TikTok has been so popular that Shopify has launched a TikTok in-app for Shopify to let the user install and sell on TikTok. 

Not only TikTok, however, now Instagram and YouTube are also adopting the concept of social commerce through reels and shorts. 


There has been an immense impact of short videos on social commerce. 

Short videos for Audience engagement-

Audience engagement is the most crucial part of brand awareness and marketing. The platforms like TikTok have a large customer base. It helps the creators to advertise their products to the right audience.

On the other hand, the audience gets more and more content on apps like Tiktok and Instagram.

Short videos for Brands Awareness-

Brands are now more likely to use social media platforms for advertising and marketing their products. Now, one can tag their products with short videos to get the right audience.

Those people dealing in the fashion industry (Clothes, cosmetics, Footwear, etc.) will get more customers if they advertise their products on TikTok or Instagram.

The research shows that post-pandemic alone social commerce has brought business worth 27 billion dollars. The social-commerce includes advertising and selling products through different social media platforms.


People now prefer to have shorter content than traditional long content. The challenge to deliver the right content for the creators has grown up. The short videos are usually 15-60 seconds long.

Content is king, so one should have meaningful content for brand recognition. The short videos should have more powerful content due to their less timing. The content delivery should be faster as well as the processing of short videos should be easy. 

Shortly, Facebook will stop live shopping. And nobody will be able to showcase their product catalog or tag their products in the live events. So here comes the biggest challenge for the advertisers who preferably were using Facebook live events for shopping. 

The creators will be shifting more towards social media platforms with short videos. There are different marketing strategies that social media platforms follow.

Let’s take an example of Tiktok marketing. Tiktok marketing includes Influencer marketing, original content, and paid ads. 

YouTube and Instagram are older than TikTok. Still, TikTok is growing steller year over year. It has been the most engaging social media app in past years. So here are the opportunities for advertisers to promote their goods and services. Because where there is a crowd, there is a selling opportunity. 

On TikTok, the videos can be shorter, but its market reach is giant. TikTok has exponential growth in customer base and advertising revenue every passing year. The brands mostly spend a lot on advertising and marketing. TikTok has raised revenue of 4 billion dollars in the past year. 

Benefits of Social-Commerce over eCommerce-

The first and foremost advantage of using social media over eCommerce for marketing is that it is free to use. You do not need to compensate the commission to the platform. Your marketing skills and content quality bring you, customers.

As time changes, demand changes. And you are free to adopt any marketing strategy in social commerce. But in eCommerce, you are bound to use the prebuild marketing tools by platform.

Social commerce requires consistency to have a good clientele. It requires a lot of attention and strategies to understand customer behavior.


We can say that short video platforms are dominating social marketing and social commerce. And soon, social commerce will have more market reach than in past years. It will be a good opportunity for newcomers and brands to use short video applications.

The customers will get a better understanding of the product through short video content. Short video applications will not only be for entertainment but also for commerce.


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