Unveiling the Power of Bagisto: Empowering Online Bookstores to Thrive and Succeed

Updated 19 June 2023

About Garuda Books

Garuda Books is a premier online bookstore based in the vibrant city of New Delhi, India. They offer an extensive collection of books across various categories, catering to diverse interests and intellectual pursuits.

Whether you’re seeking academic books to enhance your knowledge, thrilling action and adventure novels to captivate your imagination, or exploring the realms of aesthetics, agriculture, ancient history, Buddhism, yoga, and beyond, Garuda Books is your one-stop destination.

Their mission is to provide book lovers with a convenient and enriching shopping experience, right from the comfort of their homes.

We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Sankrant Sanu CEO of Garudabooks.com and discussed his journey in the e-commerce industry, along with the role Bagisto played in his success.

How do you Plan to Cater to the International Audience Interested in Indian Culture?

We have several books targeted at an international audience, written by authors from different countries. We also have a YouTube channel where we share videos related to Indian culture.

In a Country like India with Diverse Regional Languages, How do you Cater to Different Languages?

We cater to many languages in India, including Hindi and various regional languages. We publish books in multiple languages and collaborate with partners for translations.

Garuda books Bagisto

What Technology Stack Did You Use for Launching Your Website?

Initially, we used WooCommerce on WordPress, but due to scaling and security issues, we switched to the Laravel stack with a reliable framework. We chose Bagisto, an open-source platform rooted in India.

Have you noticed any Performance Improvements After Switching to the New Platform?

Yes, we have seen significant improvements in performance compared to using WordPress and WooCommerce. The new platform Bagisto has been smoother and more scalable.

What are Your Views on Making India Self-Reliant and Technologically Independent?

I believe it is crucial for India to focus on self-reliance and technological independence. Relying on foreign platforms and companies can pose security risks and impact sovereignty. Garuda is expanding into e-commerce to encourage Indian entrepreneurship and reduce reliance on foreign companies.

What are Your Future Plans for Garuda Prakashan?

As e-commerce continues to grow, we plan to expand into different categories. We aim to provide a sophisticated user experience and incorporate technologies like AR and VR. Curation and expert guidance will also be important aspects of our future plans.

For more information please watch our Interview video

Visit bookstore- Garudabooks.com
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