How to Start your Own Print on Demand Shop from Scratch?

Updated 4 November 2022

Print on Demand is basically a business process where the business owner prints things like copies, images on clothes, etc. After receiving the order from the customer’s end.

What’s the Need of Print on Demand business?

It is tough for a person to tell what another person likes or not. Suppose you are running a business or a general store then you might notice that everyone is having their own interest in different things. This means the things that might be interesting for one customer may not be exciting for another.

Print on Demand

The same scenario is with clothes or the printings on the clothes, or any other item. Print-on-demand could solve this problem where the customer can choose what to print and on which item to print. This also helps to build a brand a lot as most of the companies/brands sell their merchandise like shirts, water bottles, or clothes with their company logo on them.

Now the question might come to your mind how can we set up our own print-on-demand business?

How to Set up Print-On-Demand Business

* Firstly you have to choose the selling items – There are lots of products that you can sell as a merchant like – clothes, bags, masks, helmets, and more. It totally depends on you what you want to sell and to which customer group or to what age group you want to target.

Print on Demand

* Design – If you are talking about web-to-print technology then design plays a major role in it. This means you have to choose the design options that you may want to showcase to your customers. It will help you target a particular audience.

* Online Website to sell –  There are 2 ways to take your business online.

Some of the CMS/eCommerce Platforms are Bagisto, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce Development, and more.

Best POD Services for eCommerce

If you are having your own eCommerce website and you want to integrate or start Print on Demand services on it. The easy way to do so is to use the best Print on Demand Services providing company. It means that when customers want to use print-on-demand services then the 3rd party company will be doing the entire work.


An example for the same – Let’s suppose you are the customer and you want to print a logo on a blank mug/cup. In that case, the company you have integrated on your website for print-on-demand services will allow customers to upload the image. After that place image on the cup and take payment and delivery entire thing will be taken care of by that company.

Some of the best Print on Demand companies are:

  1. Paintful
  2. JetPrint
  3. TPop
  4. Printify

We at “Webkul” have also created Print on Demand Extensions/ Addons for different CMS Platforms, you can check the list below or can visit Webkul Store for more details.

Webkul can also do integration and customization services and can make an ideal print-on-demand website for you.

Create Products using Print on Demand Website

For most customers, it’s very difficult to create a product using POD services. To make it simple the website should be user-friendly. There are a few simple steps in any print-on-demand website that are common for placing orders by customers.

  1. Choose the product that the customer wants to purchase.
  2. Select the design/ logo/ image that the customer wants to print on the product.
  3. Upload the image on the product (by clicking on the upload button on the product page).
  4. Choose the side (on which side of the product the customer wants to print the image).
  5. Wants to add any color or text (these options should be there on the product page).
  6. After completing the design place the order like a normal product purchase on any eCommerce website.

Print on Demand

Product Promotion

Having a print-on-demand website is not enough for bringing sales and revenue. The most important thing is awareness, which means the product or service you are selling, whether people are aware of it or not. For creating awareness, there are multiple things website owners do.

The most common thing is “Paid Campaigns on Social Media”. The website owners even hire influencers for promoting their website/ products/ services.

Improving the SEO for multiple web pages including the product page is another method. This will increase the ranking of your website on search engines and ultimately will bring traffic to your website. If you have created your POD website on CMS Platform then you can SEO extension for it.

Webkul also provides Digital marketing services for the promotion of products and websites. So if you want to develop your project or want any kind of digital marketing/brand-promoting services then you can contact [email protected].

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