Top 5 large language model development companies in India

Updated 13 July 2023

India has emerged as the cradle of innovation making significant contributions in the field of LLM and AI. In this article, we are going to look at the top 5 large language model development companies in India. 

Large language models have been a breakthrough innovation in today’s technological space enabling businesses to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

The decade is going to belong to LLM and that is what some reports have to say: 

  1. According to one of the reports by Accenture, 98% of global executives agree AI foundation models will play an important role in their organization’s strategies in the next 3 to 5 years
  2. ChatGPT has recorded the fastest-growing user base; to be precise 100 million active users in just 2 monthsChatGPT User Base
  3. Large language models could be useful in tackling the roughly 70% of customer service

The above stats presents a whole new opportunity for the companies that are at the forefront of leveraging AI to create powerful LLM and custom application to cater to different business needs. 

Top 5 large language model development companies in India

Let’s explore the top 5 large language model development companies in India working in this ecosystem:


Headquartered in Bangalore, InMobi is one of the leading companies that specialised in large language model development. They have leveraged advanced AI algorithms for their advertising and marketing solutions. This has further enabled personalised and contextually relevant advertisements to enhance user experience. This innovative approach has propelled them to the forefront of the AI landscape. 


Haptik is renowned for its expertise in conversational AI and natural language processing. They have built LLM-based chatbots capable of engaging in human-like conversations. Their language models excel in contextual understanding and sentiment analysis thus providing seamless and efficient user interactions across industries. 


One of the largest providers of eCommerce extensions, Webkul has started developing custom LLM applications for a seamless omnichannel experience. Their recommendation engine built on top of the language model has enabled easy suggestions of relevant products on the eCommerce platform thus simplifying easy cross-selling and upselling of products.

The Webkul Store chatbot is trained with a large set of knowledge base related to modules of 22 eCommerce platforms. This has increased the module sale by 70% by allowing customers to know more about the modules before buying them. specialises in making language models specific to the finance and banking sectors. Their AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants help customers provide financial advice with respect to their personalised queries. Their language models understand complex banking jargon, thus streamlining support operations and improving customer satisfaction and adoption. 

Gridbots Technologies

Gridbots technologies are heavily focused on creating AI solutions that automate customer support processes. Their language models can comprehend customer queries, provide relevant responses and escalate to human agents in case of complex queries. By making use of their language model, a business can streamline its customer support operations and improve overall customer satisfaction. 


That’s all for today’s blog on the top 5 large language model development companies in India. However, the development is not limited to only the above companies as more players are entering into this area.

If you know anyone who is working on custom LLM solutions or have any feedback, do let us know in the comments below. 

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