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Naresh Verma

Laravel Model Observer’s

Why we need the Laravel Observer?

If you want to perform some actions while your Eloquent model is processing. Then, Laravel Observers are a convenient way to do this.

List of events given below, which we used in the Observer class:


Observers are used to group event listeners for a model. Observers classes method names refer to the Eloquent event you want to listen for. These methods receive the model as their only argument.

You can use model events that are fired automatically by laravel when the new record is created, updated or deleted.

Creating Model Observer

You can create the new Observer class by the following command:

and new class will created in  your  App/Observers directory.

After that register the Observer by using the observe method on the Model you wish to observe and register it on boot method of your service provider.

Hope it will be helpful for you. If you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket at

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