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How to Suspend A Customer in Bagisto?

Suspend Customer in Bagisto

The new version of Bagisto allows the admin to suspend the customer’s, If they are not appropriate for the store or if they are violating the policies of the store.

Once the Admin Suspend the customer, the customer’s can still login to their respective account and can view the orders and invoices, but they are not allowed to place any new order.

How Can We Suspend a Customer?

For understanding the new Feature we need to check both Customer end as well as the Admin end.

Customer Profile.

Below Images are related to the customer which is logged in and not suspended.

Image 1 – Customer Profile

Image 2 – Customer Order’s Page

Admin Profile

For suspending the customer’s profile,  the Admin can follow the below steps.

Go to Admin Page -> Customer’s Section -> Select the Customer which need to be Suspend -> Action Column -> Edit.


Now, Once the Edit Page is open -> Scroll Down a bit -> Suspend toggle Button -> Save Customer.


After clicking the save customer button by the admin, now the customer’s account is suspended from the admin end.

Admin Image After Suspending the Account.


Customer Profile After Suspend.

The customer can login to their profile and can check the store,  orders, invoices in their profile. but if the account is suspended, customer cannot buy a new product.

If Customer tries to buy any new product from the store then in the checkout process a warning message will pop-up for the notification.

Pop-up Warning Message

The admin can continue the services of the customer by removing the suspension from the customer section. Once the suspension is removed from there, the customer can do the shopping again.

Steps to Remove Suspend from Customer’s Profile.

Go to Admin -> Customer Section -> Select the action column -> Edit the suspended customer -> Suspend toggle button.

Once the account is revoked from the suspend the customer can easily continue with the shopping.

So, that was much about the article “ How to suspend Customer in Bagisto? ”. Also for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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I am using Bagisto for my website Kart Of Art and it's awesome experience with them. They have always supported with any bug asap. I recommend everyone to use this for any ecommerce website.

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