How to start eCommerce website in Laravel? – Part 2

Updated 25 September 2018

In the first article of the eCommerce website in Laravel, we have shown you to create database, models and define migration in Laravel. In the second part, we are going to implement controllers and define the application’s routes.

Before proceeding with this section, I request you all to go through with the first part of the article so as to get the small overview and to make your learning journey easier.

Implementing Controllers

In the first article, we have defined controllers for basic operations. They are stored in the app/Http/Controllers directory. At first, we are going to create UserController. To create the controller, run the following command

Open the controller file at app/Http/Controllers/UserController.php and write the following content

Next, we create file ProductController and write the below content.

At last, we create file OrderController and edit as given below

Here we have created the basic controller as per each operation. Now we will be creating application routes to map API requests.

Creating eCommerce Application’s Routes

Laravel application routes are defined in the route files located in the routes directory. Open the file routes/api.php and write the following code snippet

After defining the controller and application routs, you can use any of the javascript frameworks to build the core front end. With that, you can create pages for authentication and marketplaces along with User and Admin dashboard.

For the checkout process, you can use any one of your favourite payment processors which can provide integration into Javascript and PHP framework. After the front end is compiled, run the below command to deliver your application to the Laravel backend.

I hope the series might have provided you with the basic understanding of building an eCommerce application in Laravel. Let us know in comments about thoughts and ideas for further improving the article.

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